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  1. 73-75 have the same exact grill, then they changed the plastic inserts around 76. Then an whole new grill for 78-79. Regardless, they used more than one truck in filming, so it's pretty futile to nitpick between a year of difference . I bet they've used a 73,74,75 and a 76. If you watch the episodes you will notice shortbeds, longbeds, f100's, f250's etc etc, all in the 73-79 (dentside) body style. All i know for sure is that it wasn't a 1980, as that year was the beginning of a completely new platform/body style. I
  2. +1 I'd be overjoyed to have an old Ford pickup in the game, looks like a 71 or 72 F100! Is that one of Stetson's models?
  3. Haha everyone here in Utah loves them, partially because it's required by law if your tires are wider than stock. But, MAN, do I hate them.
  4. Stick with leaf springs dude! Nicely tuned leaf springs can still rock it off road. Is that mirrored because of the modeling program? To nitpick, a Chevy would come with a Pass drop front diff. Edit: But that's not to say that they didn't upgrade to a High Pinion Ford axle!
  5. This actually helped me a lot. I was having trouble because I wanted to put 2 spares and a tool kit into the back, but adding more than one addon at a time had HUGE consequences on the handling. I'm sure there is something I'm doing wrong, but this is going to make it a lot easier for me to get this tweak on the road.
  6. I've been using this tutorial for my Baja tweak of SID's 66 chevy. I finally got it to carry logs! lol
  7. Dude, I love the new map! I've been having a blast with it tuning one of my next tweaks!
  8. Yeah, I've had trouble with the ramps. Instead, I just added a bunch of winch points to the log trailer. I like using it to haul cars because the bars keep the vehicle in place. It's a little too narrow for big trucks. do you know how to edit XML's? add these to the log trailer to give you some more options. It adds a few winch points in the middle of the air so you can winch your truck onto the trailer. It also has one on the gooseneck part and on the deck so you can cinch trucks down with the winch while towing. <WinchSocket Offset="(-7; 5; 0)" /> <WinchSocket Offset="(-5; 5;
  9. I'll play! My 91 Jeep Cherokee (White) 4.0l, 4.5"ish lift, 32" tires, front locking diff(doesn't make my engine smoke ), rear Limited Slip diff, CB radio, Rock Sliders, lights..........etc etc. I wish I had more trail pictures, but I'm too busy driving to take pictures of me driving ( If that's even possible haha) The Wife's '00 Cherokee 4.0L. 3" lift and 31" tires My Old '78 Ford F250, 7.5L, Locking rear Diff, 6" lift, 36" tires (plan on fitting 38's or 40's). Currently rotting at my parent's place while I'm at school. I plan on restoring/modifying it substantially after I gradua
  10. Nice! Yours is much better than Ford's. That beautiful body was sadly was sitting on a modified Ford Escape chassis. WEAK!
  11. That Bronco is awesome! That's from the concept truck from a few years ago, right?
  12. Looking forward, because It's a forward control jeep? HA! I'm probably the only one that will think that's funny lol. I need a nap. Looks good, SID!
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