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  1. Hey i like pretty much all cars from mafia 2 its one of my favorite games ever. I have fiddled with one mafia 2 mod before for personal use the mesh and audio can be extracted pretty easy there are tools for that but when it comes to textures it was bit of a pain as texture types are very different and everything needs to be converted or tweaked. I made the smith v8 and turned snow textures into rusty look but i never finished rest of the textures. Definitely doable but i would rather not commit to this as i have already way too many unfinished projects
  2. Hm i dont have any mapmaking experience so i dont know how to do this unless the person hosting online session selects the trucks then all other people download them automatically. DT-75 is a bit more tricky to install as its dependent on ST+ mod that has to be installed manually in the spintires directory. If you want someone to install DT-75 tell them to read mod description on workshop its all explained there plus download links.
  3. Since you are going to need Spintires Plus mod anyway to make DT-75 tracks work it has menu for selecting starting trucks and even addons if you dont have unlocked garage.
  4. I made this basic transport addon to carry DT-75 around with 4 standard trucks C-255, C-6520 C-6522 and D-535. Addon is part of the DT-75 mod and will appear in addon list for those 4 trucks and any mods that accept big carridge with crane. This transporter addon is made from modified log cart and had 2 ramps at the back that can be individually lowered. Im hoping this addons speeds up transportation of DT-75 big maps with roads but it can also carry other small vehicles. There is curently issue with this addon if you leave DT-75 on it and switch to other vehicle (out of the physics bubble)and then back to DT-75 then track clip into the addon and DT-75 gets stuck. I dont know fix for this but you can avoid it by taking DT-75 off the transport adddon when you need to switch to other truck
  5. Just throwing this idea out there as someone might be interested in developing DT-75 without the need of Spintires Plus mod with track animation method suggested by Draconus. After i released DT-75 on steam workshop alot of people have been wanting version that does not need ST+ mod. Now i did not manage to make tracks work reliably without ST+ myself but atleast i was able to make skid steering work well enough so i probably can do that part myself. When it comes to reliable tracks there is method according to Draconus it does include setting up animation like spintires driver uses but its too complicated to me as my animation skills are not that great and it needs to be done in 3DS Max that i have little experience with. Draconus was willing to assist me but i turned the opportunity down as it seemed too complicated but if someone with animation skills is willing to collaborate and set it up in 3ds max and xml files so that it works ingame then i should be able to do the rest. I can hand out 3DS Max file of DT-75 that includes just tracks,wheels and all the xml files needed to run the mod. After animation is set up i would combine it with rest of the DT-75 and publish mod on steam workshop also credit contributors in mod description and here on forums . I dont think Draconus has time to set it all up himself but he atleast might be able to explain to someone with animation experience. I did have chat with him on facebook some time ago about this so i post the convo here as he explain it better than i will. Maybe someone atleast gets sometimes useful out of this if it even works.
  6. What kind of addon is it does it have any moving parts and multiple cdt Because if you really need to rotate it Dir="(0; 0; 0)" works if you add the whole line <Model Dir="(0; 1; 0)" Mesh="wheels/gaz_rear" Org="(-3.837; 0.634; 0)" /> and replace the mesh directory/name. Its kinda ugly hack but i tried it on my renault 1902 and managed to rotate rear seat addon but that meant i was left with 2 seats one at different rotation. I could just make wrong one invisible or replace the mesh file for it with something that only contains cdt and few polygons thats hidden inside the final addon mesh. But yea if you have 3ds max or Blender then rotating the mesh there is the most sensible option
  7. I not sure if it will work but you could try adding Dir="(0; 0; 0)" and change some of the values its used to add extra wheel for gaz 66 trailer example : <PhysicsModel Mesh="trucks/trailer_gaz"> <Model Dir="(0; 1; 0)" Mesh="wheels/gaz_rear" Org="(-3.837; 0.634; 0)" /> </PhysicsModel>
  8. Asked Pavel to explain what he means by new version on PC and got som clarification. Pavel Zagrebelnyy: Spintires2 is still few years to come :-) New version soon to be released is more like "Spintires 2017" or "remastered edition". So plan is to make it a paid DLC or make a discount for "Spintires 2016" owners
  9. Update on DT-75 since many people have asked for it i added simple none animated driver addon. The original animation would have not worked and i dont know how to make new one so static driver will have to do.
  10. Actaully this model of DT was made in Kazakhstan not Russia but back to the point i had look at that Gaz mod and character 3D model did not appear to be on from Spintires. It looked more like Farming sim driver or user made content for Farming sim so im definetly not going to use it as part of my mod.
  11. I cant say that i approve those edited versions that have been uploaded but there is little i can do to stop them. Even thou i did expect this to happen its still very bad for my motivation to have my work taken without permission and modified. I most likely wont be releasing any more mods of this quality for public but that does not mean i stop making them at all. @Stellyan this modified DT version had animated driver as addon? Can you give link to that mod in PM then i can take look how its done. If its easy to do i might add driver addon for workshop DT-75.
  12. Modelling in Blender is maybe not the easiest but node editor for texturing is pretty fun to use unless you are after absolute realism as then it can get very complicated. Im struggling with 3DS Max much more than Blender as i had to use it to export DT-75 because exporting tracks and suspension animation did work out in Blender. So basically i had to follow youtube tutorials and read forums to work with 3DS Max as its like opposite of Blender XD Question to other Blender users does anyone else have issue with latest version when adjusting color ramp nodes? I switched to older none Steam version as latest one just keeps crashing.
  13. All textures are done in Blender first i make high poly mesh then apply materials to in in Node editor (usually very complex materials and it takes lots of tweaking) then bake the whole thing to low poly mesh. I know there are better programs out there but they are not free like Blender is. Im definitely no expert on texturing i just found this method and it works good enough so i stick with it even thou its kinda limited and awkward to use. I dont do any hand brushing there its all in the material and geometry and inputting right base textures and masks
  14. Does anyone have experience or ideas about making driver addon would there be way to make Spintires dude into addon even if animation gets lost. I did have driver for DT-75 at some point but the animation was not suitable as seat was on other side and Spintires dude ended up sticking hes hand out through the door to shift gears. Also driver gets in the way of first person camera so it has to be addon as i and probably many more like to play in first person. To be honest the hand throu the door even would be good enough as long as driver is addon XD Older pic of when DT-75 had driver
  15. I just got sick of every third comment being complaint in some language i needed to translate and then getting negative votes XD This should atleast solve that issue but now they already complain about other things...
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