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  1. If you use cdt on control arm and attach axle bone to it, the axle will move up and down along the control arm rotation, not vertically like default axle bone.
  2. No plan, for now just restoration to factory state.
  3. Its nice pick for sure, but as veteran modder you know better than most of anyone else that before choosing certain vehicle, need to really get the feeling to that vehicle otherwise it will end up half cooked or even dumped to recycle bin. But at least I know where to find the reference if somehow someday I decide to make that one .
  4. Most probably the characters (tourist load), found them freely from the net. Everything else is scratch made unless yota its self claiming their model/brand .
  5. I have more item than I show. One of them is that gurkha, sometimes need to switching between them to avoid boringness.
  6. No, until I find the way to make realistic animation on double wishbone suspension. But its getting closer.
  7. Another thing that function as they should is control arm, so the front axle that attached to it will move up and down along the rotation line of control arm's Y axis. Not vertically up and down.
  8. Compares to my other mods, its quite low poly.
  9. Iam using cdt's on both axle to make weight balanced, nissan truggy and land crusher using this setup too. But I am not set collission to all on those trucks. On this one the axles will hit any object that pass through it, and the suspension travel will stop going up when axle's cdt hit frame's cdt. Setting the suspension behavior is also more dynamic, since there are 2 bones on each axle, one control movement on Z axis, and another one control rotation of the axle on X axis.
  10. Testing animated steering component and solid axle
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