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  1. View File WATERSEDGE FULL CONVERT MUDRUNNER EDITING THIS MAP IS NOT ALLOWED. The ~{RWMT}~ and >force19mods> present Watersedge. A map with every aspect an off-roader wants. Rockcrawling, Mudding, racing, trailing, & more. You name it. Watersedge is the ultimate off-roading experience! About Watersedge converted: Watersedge has been in the works for over 6 months (half a year). The team & I have spent well over 400 hours on this map. Originally, watersedge was suppost to be a normal spintires map. But as time went on, the team, SUPER_SCOTT_82, and I worked to convert it for Mudrunner. The whole converting procces took around 19-20 hours (just working to convert the map) Well we all got all the custom models working & All the tunnels fixed. Map Features: 3 Garages (2 Locked) 3 Lumbermills 1 Log Station 26 Amazing Veiws 2 Main rivers 1 HUGE TUNNEL system 6 Rock crawling areas The team has worked very hard on this map. Enjoy, >force19mods< & ~{RWMT}~ If experiencing any issues, contact me through oovee. Please drop a like! Submitter RiskyWisky Submitted 12/25/2017 Category Maps  
  2. Ok well does this mean anything? Like new maps or what?
  3. Well anyway, i think what really happened was that oovee checked ALL the workshop to make sure nothing that wasnt suppost to be there wasnt and so, the (2 i belive) maps on there were gone, and Pavel's trucks were gone because they wernt supost to be there. So this can be sign that oovee HATES Pavel. But anyway, the workshop has always had its ups and downs, and hopefully we get an update that doesnt f*ck up all our hard-worked mods. What they are talking about the console, it is just another year of wasted time because think, mods saved Spintires and without the nice modding community (like me and others on this fourm) that spend weeks, if not months on theyre mods. And part of it is that console mods just wont work bc most ppl will not make mods for it and it will be too complicated. So ya, beg for console all you want.
  4. Ok but still, what if they removed the trucks BC that may would of caused more issues
  5. WELL, most likely they will add those trucks into the game later on.... If there is any update avaible from 10 F*cking years from now lol But what about timebombs? Timebombs were a HUGE issue and idk but they may have removed them from "Pavels Game" So the recent timebomb issue would maybe stop. Who knows?
  6. plz give like on the maps

  7. BTW how will we make mods for console (if it ever comes out) BC i love making my maps and im sure ppl will be filling our inboxes with "can u make a rock crawler map" type of deal, so idk really how we would do it? I mean without mods and maps this game is a peice of $H!T. So the console version won't do good without something like a in-game workshop or something like that right?
  8. What happened to that one map that was on the workshop that had snow and stuff? Proy pavel who made the maps that useed to be on the workshop. BTW im happy 2 no maps on work$hit
  9. K, will this ever happen again?
  10. The war has been going on for a while now...... whos better oove or pavel. Bet u oovee might of taken those trucks down
  11. I think he removed em BECAUSE most people didnt use them and thought they were a peice of $H!T (i was one of those ppl)
  12. I have no clue, i dont think they are acually in the workshop, you have to go to the "manage mods" section in game and have the "certified trucks" ticked. In the screen that looks like JSGME but in game. IDK to be honest, but i used to have ALL the certfied trucks and now there gone so my guess is yes that is another indication that spintires is dead because we havent got an update in OVER A YEAR! So ya everyone that loves spintires is pissed.
  13. Well thanks guys for all of you to help. I got my map up and running again. The problem was that i acccidentally created a new material and it kept saying prebuild not found, but when i deleted the accidentaly created material, everything was back to normal.
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