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  1. Hello everyone i would just like to say i'm sorry. I'm sorry for the fact that i made my mod workshop but haven't brought out any content. once high school got in the way and sports i had no time for modding. i tried to make the mods in sketchups and transffering to blender but it was too difficult for a mere 15 year old like me so i'm sorry (If this is in wrong section please move it)
  2. I fixed the issue my computer had problems so I reset it and now it works perfectly
  3. Hello I wanted to play spintires but whenever I start it shows the black loading screen then closes the program but it is still there in task bar and then I'm stuck with the spintires cursor on my desktop this only happens when my hdtv is plugged in
  4. Hello.I had spintires in my library and I haven't played in a while so I decided that I wanted to but when I start it up its a black screen with just the spintires cursor and nothing happens so I have to sign out and try again I. I did I fresh install but still nothing
  5. sorry i haven't been around (i got school) i cant seem to get the monochrome camera working so i can reverse faces like in Stetson's tutorial
  6. so i transfered the model to Blender and it kinda worked out except the parts where i tried to make it a wagon didn't stick
  7. Ok I got blender is it possible for me to import model from sketch ups to blender then bring it in to spintires?
  8. yes I do but are they compatible with sketchups?
  9. i was finding sketchups to be easier than blender because I already got used to that so I stuck with it is it possible for me to get the uaz suspension in sketchups?
  10. I found a closer body look to my dad's falcon so im trying to make it look like a station wagon but im having trouble smoothing out lines and everything
  11. I have avg antivirus and on my other computer it worked fine but that was windows 8.1
  12. It's only spintires though hereos and generals and team fortress work fine
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