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  1. I was finally convinced that Oovee has nothing to do with game development at all. They are simply looking for where it is cheaper to buy something in order to sell it at a higher price. This has been happening since the Raiworks.
  2. Neither one nor the other. Basically KamAZ 5420, without any trailers, for short distances, about 100 kilometers, from the railway into the depths of the forest. The cargo is mainly concrete and metal structures. So it has little to do with the game.
  3. I last saw this in real life in 1983, so I am a poor expert.
  4. Another news: Soon the snow will fall in Russia.
  5. Because a year ago, in addition to Steam protection, additional protection was added. It behaves unpredictably, and they don't know what to do about it at all. Steam protection completely blocks the launch of the game, a year ago after the release of paid DLС this seemed too little, and additional protection was added that blocks the processing of some game files. After that, the rocks disappeared, and later the logs and maybe something else is connected with this. It would be wise to remove additional protection to solve all the side issues with it, and then add it again. But during the y
  6. I would be glad to be more optimistic, but previous experience suggests otherwise. If this studio starts killing the game, it always turns out great.
  7. This game is not abandoned really, it is slowly being turned into unusable garbage.
  8. Anniversary. Two months no updates.
  9. By the way, I forgot to warn you that the textures of the rocks on the default maps of Canyons and Chernobyl are reduced 5 times and of disgusting quality. It is necessary to copy these textures to the appropriate archives, with the replacement of files. If they have already been copied from you in a different format and normal resolution to the Media folder for the reason described above, they will still be rendered in low quality from the Canyons archive. In general, I advise everyone who has not done this yet, and then compare, before and after, at close range. Сopy these textures
  10. Zane says this after every update. Play the pirate version. This one has rocks, logs and everything you need.
  11. Where does this information come from? In version 1.6.1, the Russian translation from December last year, although the last time I updated it after the release of SHERP.
  12. I already wrote that I almost don't play now and don't follow various threads. There are probably a dozen more protection related bugs.
  13. I don't know how to seperate the mesh file. I had an old The Pit DLC and I took meshes from there.
  14. Need to have meshes in the old format, from two files, otherwise it will be blocked by the protection, regardless of the location of these files.
  15. I have already written repeatedly that who does not have paid DLС, then the rocks are not on the Canyons map. Now I very rarely start the game and only use the casual mode, so I don’t know how many more issues associated with protection. Found also that the kiosk cannot to create medium and long logs. I think these two issues have existed for about a year, since the advent of paid DLC. I tested it all on the pirated, cracked game version and it all works with no issues. It turns out that the protection works only for honest people who paid for the game.
  16. Two month? Russian translation has not been updated since the release of Chernobyl DLC. To do this, need to copy several files to the game folder. Almost a year there are no rocks in the Canyons DLC, unless you have other purchased DLC.
  17. It was a great game, but because of the one-time profit opportunity it was turned into trash.
  18. WEEK LONG DEAL! Offer ends 21 September -50% https://store.steampowered.com/app/263280/Spintires/
  19. I completely agree. Copying, pasting a couple of files is also an impossible task for almost a year.
  20. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=create+3d+bucket
  21. I was completely satisfied with the properties of dirt in previous versions. I think PressureLine has done everything possible regarding the dirt at the moment, but only the developers can fully restore what was in previous versions, if it is possible at all. Regarding the 2015 version, I mean the general color palette. There are many different shades of grass, foliage and everything else. And good menu design, without a fish eye. In new versions of the game, everything is like through sunglasses. One shade of green, just darker and lighter. I mean version 16.01.15. This version cannot b
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