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  1. New translation version. Added some forgotten lines. strings_RU_1.6.1+All.DLC.v2.zip
  2. Didn't mean to offend anyone by saying "dirty perversion". It was just a burst of emotion. When I was younger, I also loved the hardships and realism of life and games. I even intentionally created problems for myself in real life, in order to fight it later. Now I am almost 60 years old, and I want simpler entertainment. Apparently the difficulties became enough in real life, and in the game I want a simple rest.
  3. Thanks guys for the advice above. I hope the developers will return the casual mode to the way it was before. I have my own perception for computer games. If the game is not overloaded with real life difficulties, then I am ready to pay for this entertainment. But when the game turns from entertainment to real work, I'm used to getting paid for it, not paying.
  4. Full Russian translation for game v 1.6.1 + all DLC. ChernobylDLC SherpUralDLC VehiclePack01DLC I did not change the existing translation, I just corrected the wrong one and added the missing lines with the translation. There are no unnecessary files in the archive, just copy this content into the appropriate game directories, replacing the files. I hope this will not be too difficult for you, and will be done in the next update. Thanks in advance. strings_RU_1.6.1+All.DLC.zip
  5. The physics of the mud that was earlier, I was completely satisfied. It was necessary to first separate the physics of dirt for hardcore and casual mode, and only then make changes. I play the keyboard, only in casual mode, and there is no way left for me to play normally at all.
  6. For six years, the casual mode was on by default, and I ignored it, chose a map and started playing. In this version, hardcore mode became the default and I did not notice it. I turned on casual and everything works again.
  7. For all trucks In all maps Diff Lock Inactive, except for proving ground.
  8. There was no need to redo the passability of all the trucks. The trucks speed is now 10 meters in 5 minutes. From entertainment the game turns into mud masochism or dirty perversions. (I do not know how more correctly in English).
  9. Russian translation on v1.6.0 has not been replaced for ChernobylDLC, VehiclePack01DLC. Full Russian translation for game v 1.6.0 + all DLC added.
  10. Full Russian translation for game v 1.6.0 + all DLC. ChernobylDLC SherpUralDLC VehiclePack01DLC strings_RU_1.6.0+All.DLC.v3.zip
  11. CanyonsDLC One of two dlc_rocks textures still not visible. This happens when there are no paid DLC.
  12. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1346090/Spintires__SHERP_Ural_Challenge_DLC/
  13. Already on steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/263280/Spintires/
  14. The same issues as in 1.5.0. No rocks, no russian... Thanks for update.
  15. No, I play in arcade mode only. I created KRAZ at the prouving ground, and after that Diff lock became active for all trucks for all maps. After that I uninstall game, deleted two Spintires folders, and Diff lock is not active almost all trucks again. And so every time.
  16. I found another bug in this game version, I also think related to the game protection. Diff lock is not active almost all trucks. I deleted the game through Steam, then deleted two Spintires folders: Steam\steamapps\common\Spintires %AppData%\SpinTires Diff lock also not active.
  17. The color palette has become much better, but if reduce the red color, it would be absolutely wonderful. Now fuel cisterns are almost red instead of orange, even the sky has a slight red tint instead of gray.
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