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  1. I understand. Just thought why shouldn't I do this if it takes 5 minutes.
  2. coast, hill, plains, river maps, ZIL new instead the old: https://sharemods.com/8gzz7otlrrmk/ZIL.New.levels.7z.html
  3. You are using a very small font. Need even larger, to be able to see and read it.
  4. Thank you, this is exactly what I need and it turned out to be easier than I thought.
  5. This option changes the color of the headlights only, but not the brightness. In previous versions in _templates file it was possible to change both brightness and color for all trucks. Now there is no such solution, need to change both _templates and truck files. As I expected.
  6. In this version, another brighter headlight appeared - "HeadLightRayModern" for C-4310. I tried applying a new, brighter light to the rest of the trucks by editing the "_templates/trucks" and it didn't work. Can someone suggest a solution for minimal changes?
  7. These are not old map. I tried to drive ZIL 131 (keybord, casual) to the Canyons and it moves like a turtle. About the old maps. I have a collection of converted awesome old maps. Fifty pieces and most are better in the game of the default ones and I'm not ready to give them up. If you want to fundamentally change something in the game, then do it with backward compatibility with all DLС. If this is not possible, leave the game alone and release Spintires® 2. I also play Railworks and since game release, all DLS are compatible for 10 years and continue to come out. But for two year
  8. This is better than it was, still very slow moving through the mud. I mean casual mode.
  9. v1.6.2, Zane, all Russian translation for the game and all DLC is normal now. But one file was not copied properly and there is currently no translation for SHERP button assignments. There is one file in the attached archive - ui. txt. This needs to be replaced and the Russian translation will be 100%. strings_RU_1.6.2.Media.rar
  10. I tried in the mud. FPS is slightly higher, but also normal. Maybe it depends on the video card manufacturer, AMD or GeForce.
  11. You can create a new topic yourself here - "Start new topic" button: https://www.oovee.games/forum/forum/127-v16x-bugs/
  12. For me performance is excellent. Almost like Legacy.
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