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  1. Никакой определённой инфы, просто моё предположение. Игра из продажи исчезла и трактор из игры. Или Паша, или тракторный завод, других версий на ум не приходит.
  2. If you read the entire Russian translation carefully, you will see a lot of inaccuracies and absurdities. I only translate the newly added strings with the lost translation and also correct the blatant nonsense of machine translation. And what I do, for some reason, is not added to the game for several months. If at least what I do was added to the game on a regular basis, we could talk about something more.
  3. Perhaps the next version will be more fortunate, and the Russian translation will still be added. strings_RU_1.7.1.Media.ChinaDLC.rar
  4. Spintires has been removed from the Steam platform by an unverified individual from Russia who has filed a DMCA notice via Valve.
  5. Я думаю Паша настучал что это лично его модель, поэтому возможно игру из стима убрали. Теперь когда Кировец удалён из игры должны скоро её в Стим вернуть.
  6. Spintires® no anymore in Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/263280/Spintires/
  7. The game will always remain a game, in any mode.
  8. I always have all the default settings everywhere and it always suits me. I am well adapted and do not try to adjust the whole world for myself.
  9. Everything in the game should be magical, unlike real life.
  10. I fixed media.xml suitable for all types of transport, incl SHERP and completely suits me: <Mud> <Substance FullPushDepth="1.2" LinResistance="0.75" PushResistance="1.0" SubstanceFriction="4.0" /> </Mud>
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