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  1. Everything is unchanged for me. It is slow and buggy as before. My speed: Site test, Load time 16.57 s: https://tools.pingdom.com/#5bdf5e5130000000
  2. Then two more options are possible - Intel, Radeon or AMD, GeForce.
  3. Kaspersky is a KGB development. :) This cannot be used at all. Use AVIRA. All other antiviruses show that this file is clean: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/b330a98990dedf041a290021c67f8d13450529194c5342c08af5cbe808ef17b0/detection
  4. Write to whom on which hardware (GPU, CPU) and OS stuttering. Perhaps it will be easier to solve. I on: Windows 7x64, GTX1060, i5 6600, 16 GB RAM  .
  5. I on Windows 7x64, GTX1060, and stuttering is.
  6. I wanted to translate new terms into Russian, but could not find new strings for any of the languages, including English. You do not plan to translate new terms into any languages at all?
  7. Incorrect window title - "Выбор уровня для одиночной игры". Correctly in Russian - "Выбор карты".
  8. I do not understand, this window is for what purpose? There is no choice at all.
  9. I also always turn off these effects, in any way possible.
  10. Здесь и напиши что за баг. Лучше по английски, русский здесь никто из разработчиков не знает.
  11. I fully agree, but first need to make a sunny weather.
  12. How about the British Land Rover of the 80s, like all the trucks in the game.
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