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  1. - Unavailable autoload long logs (in autoload area show "Current truck cant carry this load" even it installed necessary equipment). - Unavailable autoload medium logs with installed equipment "Crane" and "Medium Log Cart" (in autoload area show that you need install other equipment). Install fix: copy all Media folder content to Media folder in game folder. The author of this fix is unknown. Truck_D-535_autoload_fix.zip
  2. Is it possible to make the mud like in the old versions so that the trucks don't sink into it?
  3. Also, the truck sinks out of the blue.
  4. Никакой определённой инфы, просто моё предположение. Игра из продажи исчезла и трактор из игры. Или Паша, или тракторный завод, других версий на ум не приходит.
  5. If you read the entire Russian translation carefully, you will see a lot of inaccuracies and absurdities. I only translate the newly added strings with the lost translation and also correct the blatant nonsense of machine translation. And what I do, for some reason, is not added to the game for several months. If at least what I do was added to the game on a regular basis, we could talk about something more.
  6. Perhaps the next version will be more fortunate, and the Russian translation will still be added. strings_RU_1.7.1.Media.ChinaDLC.rar
  7. Spintires has been removed from the Steam platform by an unverified individual from Russia who has filed a DMCA notice via Valve.
  8. Я думаю Паша настучал что это лично его модель, поэтому возможно игру из стима убрали. Теперь когда Кировец удалён из игры должны скоро её в Стим вернуть.
  9. Spintires® no anymore in Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/263280/Spintires/
  10. The game will always remain a game, in any mode.
  11. I always have all the default settings everywhere and it always suits me. I am well adapted and do not try to adjust the whole world for myself.
  12. Everything in the game should be magical, unlike real life.
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