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  1. Yes all in that garage is 3d meshs dont have a single sprite there , thanks GotStuck , .....nice to see you are relexed now
  2. Thanks Ikke, they are 8 drivable trucks inside the garage and one static below ( the extreme right truck one) and a static chassis of a maz, upstairs are 3 static trucks and 5 empty slots for save new trucks. And yes is possable to add a none drivable static object as truck with a funcional crane inside. Is possable i can destribute it by email if or when you people have a tool caled combined tools and moodable program the latest versions for place the garage in a proper location of the map, at the moment im not able to add it in a better place cause i dont have the tool for that, what i make was i change the old game garage for this one and the xml of course. This means because they are bigger them the older some trees can show up inside and other issues can occur if not properly add it in a correct location.
  3. First of all for your info Gotstuck you semm to me you are against the all world latly,...maybe you need to relax a bit in some beach near you, Im not a modder, a modder modifies files from others like you less them that cause you are a tweeker, i make them from scratch all 3d files and xml´s now. Im a addon maker i add new models inside the game. Secound i do not make sprites.... a sprite for your knolegment is a 2d geometric shape with a blend alpha map add to it, (very usefoul in the years 90 for make games like duke nuke3d cause at the time the cpu and gpu processing power was extremly very limited) i make 3d geometric meshs,.. in other words 3d models.
  4. OHHH Yehhh... no Sorry my Garage is full up floor and down so please i canot acept your truck... Refull and addons only inside the garage.
  5. Hellow 8up local, in fact i do not release anymore this kind of models in Oovee or publish in any other place, this model was made for make a tank War in unity3d i just test it in ST to, but im glad to sent you a personal link for you download them when they are finish.
  6. 8up actualy is a very nice idea but i dont make this cause they are common atlas textures they are used to other diferent buildings with diferent uvs maps , this means i canot add localy this textures in the map walls, but i can have alpha textures or sprites and thats was what i made in the first image, i supose is wath you try to pass me? Lamobot this depends of how much you want to make the crane, if you have notions of animation with coliders in 3d max going to be more easy figured out how all is maked and works, once you understand hierarchy, axis directions , links , constraints, parents frames , chirld frames ,cdt etc etc you can make the 3d model and the xml, at first site is very confuse but after try it several times with patience and hard work you can through this. Once figure all that for the first time you can make any kind of crane, digger , excavater etc etc doesnt mather wath tipe or kind of mechanisme is. In this next images you see the interior details cause the building allows to go inside with any vehicle they only have coliders in the walls and floor, you can see in the secound image the large broken walls in the ground have coliders and the tank must pass over this rocks.
  7. APROCHING CHERNOBYL - Building made from the scratch by me 5k polys 2 main textures 2 Draw calls. - War zone?
  8. HZ888 - Volvo with workable crane and trailer Amazing mod.
  9. Maybe Hein ask me for Bregel? Maybe they pm 1 day Before leaving? Think about it.
  10. I hope im wrong on this but unfortunatly i dont think Bregel retornes »»
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