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  1. looking for a good price for a used gtx 960 gigabit
  2. i will be playing and it is fine then my sound just cuts off i know it isnt my headphones because it does the same thing with my speaker does anybody know how to fix this
  3. so this are xcavator tires how well do they do on the road because my boggers arent good
  4. yes you were like one of the 2 people that have driven it. what is it like is it just as good as the picture
  5. please dont quote and duplicate the pictures just put mouse on them and click then press delete and they will disappear
  6. but i wanted a vehicle that i could drive in Illinois why do drug bust when his bumper is an inch too high
  7. thanks was trying to find it even searched for it but didnt pop up
  8. so i have worked for my dad my whole life and almost 2 months before my birthday he told me i should start looking for a vehicle so i found this "daily driver" and just had to buy it. it is a 2001 dodge durango with a 355 tpi, 12in of lift, and 37in boggers. with lift and tires it is lifted about 25in off the ground.
  9. wasnt there a link for this somewhere now i cant find it now that i got a new vehicle
  10. you should just start making your own game i would kickstart that
  11. in real life you can do that never seen a winch that isnt electric. so that is why you can winch when you roll and this isnt a hack it has fixed the game saying that pavel hasnt worked in 4 months. the game crash,no friction, realism these were problems with the game that local host fixed because of his "trainer" you can actually play the game like most of the people do and that is using mods and offroad maps to do some hardcore offroading.
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