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  1. Wow, then trucks look awesome! Love the detail! You've outdone yourself lol, looking forward to giving them a good thrashing.
  2. *Pokes head in* Yup smells like awesome in here. Also, my significant other came upon a rather dirty but probly effective way to curb the internet-ism. Every person that makes a post that meets any of the criteria: Badgering Hounding Begging Being Pushy Rude Disrespectful Then they will not be able to install the mod in question (once released) for an amount of days equal to the length (in characters) of their post. Repeated infractions would result in multipliers based on (First Post length)*(Number of posts, including the first)^(How many of the criteria they have broken total.) This
  3. It's wide. Also long. Oh dear... Anyway, the dually is awesome! Looking forward to it being finished.
  4. Oh, more shiny! Looking ever awesome, as always!
  5. IMHO That way would be easier to use. The default crane controls are a bit.. clunky. As for the rest, it looks awesome! Only thing I would change is making the movements on everything a lot slower. Keep it up!
  6. Do what ya do Brute. I can't wait for a lot of things to be finished, but I would rather wait for finished than see half baked ones. A+ all around.
  7. I would say drop it a bit more & lose a size or two on the tires, but that's just me. Something along the lines of: To each their own though, and I know significant changes would be a lot of work. Either way, I look forward to playing with it! Side note: Saw a 2015 SVT Raptor today that blew the doors off of a ZR1 Corvette and Nissian GTR on a light-to-light. Nasty...
  8. Makes sense, as that was one that I was told to dl lol. Took the finished thing to Bravo map a while ago. It's one little tweak from perfection imo! It has a snorkel but the water damage level seems to low. Even with that I adore it. Shall be my Uaz replacement at all times when I'm not working on overkill stuff. TLDR; 9835274/2 would get stuck again.
  9. Hey Sid, what map did you guys run on? I don't think I have played that one!
  10. Congrats Sid! I haven't gone and looked to see what videos you have yet, but if your mods are anything to go by I'm sure they will be awesome.
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