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  1. Real life. The 157 has no DL, but it does have locked axles when in 6 WD. The diffs will all revolve at the same speed. This means that if one wheel is spinning, there must be at least 1 wheel spinning on each axle, when the vehicle is stationary. All wheels can be revolving at different speeds to each other, when either stationary or moving, from zero revs, to a maximum of 2 times the rev of the diff. In 1st gear, with the diff revolving at 30 rpm, the max a wheel can revolve is 60 rpm with the opposite wheel stationary. None of this is modelled in game, where one wheel can sp
  2. @ Truckwolf. I've got some answers for you, but I'm not ready yet. ..
  3. @Truckwolf Yes that's it. Here's the B 80.1 version. You can see the PTO just above the hook. The hook comes up through the ring you can see on my trailer. Look at page 207 in the B 80 manual. The linkage is a 3 point system, invented by Ferguson and first used on the TEA 20, (I have a 1948 model). It is primarily used for mounting a plough or cultivation systems. The triangle you see there, in your picture, is for very heavy equipement and incorporates a vertical ram to assist the linkage ram in lifting the whole machine from the ground, which it can the
  4. Aftermath. Default B 80. Getting to the camp wasn't too bad, but it carves a groove that the trailer has to go through. I got back as far as the bridge, but fuel is running out. Regarding the trailer hitch:- A trailer hitch frame, is carried under the axle body and is either fixed with pins or these can be removed and the frame raised and lowered by the hydraulic top arms with the lower arms removed. Better to see a picture. ( I'll find one). This will keep the pin closer to the axle centre.
  5. I used the default B 80. Maybe that's why the original builder gave it such a heavy weight. This is representative of the real life 2WD tractor, trying to pull a drawbar trailer through heavy mud, of the type in Spintires. You've either got to put weight on the rear wheels, water or wheel weights, or use a trailer specially designed for the job as depicted in my picture. ..
  6. http://www.tractordata.com/farm-tractors/001/4/0/1408-belarus-mtz-80.html No separate axle weights. I tried the B 80 in game, on Plains and it sunk into the garage forecourt. It's simply too heavy. ..
  7. @Truckwolf Your link is for the later 80.1 model, which has an operating weight of 3770 kg. and some upgraded components. ..
  8. @Truckwolf That 6500 kg is the absolute max weight allowed. (Not us). Our tractor, is operating weight (inc fuel oil water), without ballast = 3556 kg. ..
  9. @Truckwolf The operating weight is 3556 kg. ..
  10. @Truckwolf That's the PTO shaft. ..
  11. @Truckwolf What happens if you add half ton water ballast to the rear axle? This will increase traction with no effect on front axle. Nose heavy trailers dont go on the lifting arms. They have a separate hook frame closer to the axle. Is it possible to add manual diff lock? ..
  12. the lifting thingy is a log bale grab and it would go high, (does it actually work). It would also need a counterweight on the rear, usually a concrete block on the lifting arms, (2 ton max), or it will fall on its face. These tracktors also have the ability to load water into the rear tyres for added traction. ..
  13. This is a good size trailer from the 70's, for a 2 wheel drive tractor. It carries 4 ton and half the total weight will go on the hitch.
  14. @Unster Just to make it clear. (Real life). I has an axle diff lock, but not a "Permanent Lock" of any kind. The ability to turn tight is essential in field work and this is aided by differential brakes, which can stop the inner wheel, thereby doubling the outer wheel speed and make it, turn on a dime, as they say. The d/l is only for use in a straight line. The d/b can also be used as a traction aid, as can hydraulic weight transfer. @Truckwolf If you add a trailer, or any kind of weight to the lift arms, max 2 ton, then the front wheels will come off the ground. Weig
  15. It looks better, but more like a moment than a COM. Have you actually tried it on the track. ..
  16. @Truckwolf You have been busy. First off. This game tractor has permanent diff lock. This simply would not work on a real tracktor and is why I have no interest in it.. Looking at my tractors, they have a roughly 0.4./ 0.6, front / rear, axle weight. Using the same, this would give 1422 kg on the B80 front axle and its 7.50 x 20 tyres. BUT. With a diff lock on, this combination would simply not be able to turn, as it would push the front wheels sideways. The only way to get over this is to increase the weight on the front wheels (3 ton you say) and consequent redu
  17. I was hoping you would tell me. I'm taking it, that the higher revs available, allow more torque in each wheel, when they are not spinning. It certainly feels that way, but the downside is it doesn't look very good. Using no diff up The Hill, hill, the Ural didn't make it with short logs, but the Kraz did, so I tried it with mediums and after 24 mins almost made it, until I ran out of fuel. Refuelled and after another 30 mins trying, I had to resort to diff lock to get the last few feet. (What a sensless waste of life). Ha ha. ..
  18. @Truckwolf Observations of your observations. If you want real life, you can't split the Ural transmission. It's AWD. I'm doing the same job by blipping the throttle to transfer the torque from the spinning wheel, which causes the other wheels to jump forward. (AIRL). The Kraz works much better unlocked than the Ural, especially with some tyre deflation, empty. Your vid shows the truck wheelspin in a high gear. Ural wheel speeds at full power are: 1st gear low range, 0.48 revs per sec. High gear high range: 6.3 RpS. It's the low gear high spin that looks wrong, b
  19. @rarum Maybe something to do with this. - Wheel spin speed in mud was capped, preventing loss of torque when diff were unlocked. Yes I've noticed, the unloaded wheels do spin too fast when in first gear. .. ..
  20. Trying out version 1.6.2. new mud, using Zil 130, up my favourite test hill, without diff lock. It doesn't have this feature in the real life truck..
  21. The mud, as stated in the update, is undoubtedly easier, which should please a lot of people. The Hill was a bit of a surprise, but it's not a problem Non diff lock drive and tyre deflation are now more useful. Everything is running smoothly at about 90 - 120 frames. No probs so far, but then I had none in 1.6.1, which I also enjoyed. ..
  22. The Hill has become more difficult. The garage trailer feels as if the brakes are dragging. I am unable to do the same open garage run as I did in 1.6.1 Maybe it's just me. ..
  23. I like it! It is no doubt easier, but I think it will appeal to a wider audience, especially those that couldn't manage to get off the fourcourt in 1.6.1. @Truckwolf I tried your lake route with a Ural medium and managed to get across for the first time, with hard tyres, then back again with reduced air, which I think made it easier. Frame rates on Coast were about 80 to 105. River 100/120. Chernobyl 70/120. I've only put in about 30 min, so I'll try some more of my Update go too's. Looking good so far. ..
  24. I'm using mostly technical manuals from Scribd book club, but here is a good place to start. https://www.russianmilitarytrucks.com/downloads.htm ..
  25. @Alex Cameron I've already explained the rear axle problem, but with regards to the handbrake, this is situated just behind the transfer box on the propshaft. When you brake, it is transfering the wheelspin in the rear, to the front axle as if it had a diff. Don't relate everything to RL. It's a game. One size fits all. ..
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