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  1. Hiya.

    I haven't played Spintires for quite some time.

    I tend to beat to death one game at a time, then give it a rest and move on to something else.

    This Forum is mostly dead. Steam is a joke, so if I get the urge to play in the mud again, I might take a look at Discord, so thanks for the invite.


    1. Truckwolf


      Ah, I see. I’ll miss chatting with you. When you come back, you know where to find me.

      Goodbye for now, friend! Salute!

  2. Spice, China Village, with a trailer..
  3. @Unster I like the rice loading system. Fascinating to watch, but the map should have to incude something that requires manual loading. If you want less mud, you will like the Canyon. No mud!
  4. @Truckwolf I ran the NW (moderate) and SW (hard), routes again, this time in daylight to get pictures, just to make sure I wasn't talking out my hole and both times were successful. Quite a bit of winching is required, mostly from the trailer, which is particularly unstable. I've got about 25 hrs in these 2 maps and I havn't lost one so far, but the SW route is a close thing. ..
  5. The SW camp is hard, so try the NW one which is much easier. Keep the power very low to prevent break through, but if you do then low power will keep you going. Read the road ahead, but if you start going over, then make an early decision to use the crane for balance. Take it slowly and don't loose it when it goes to Rat turd.
  6. Fair enough. That would be OK in Casual, but for Hardcore I need to have to work to enjoy it. I only ever play Hardcore and this is the first map ever that can be completed in Hardcore using auto loading. Med delivered from both camps. Difficult, but not too difficult. ..
  7. Yes, but in Hardcore you should have to use the crane at some point, or what's the point of it? You can complete this map with 3 round trips of Rice, making most of it unused. It would be better if you had to supply the market with the individual requirements, making this beautiful map better utilised. ..
  8. In this very nice map, there is a New Dongfeng EQ 2081 with crane, for medium logs. Loaded It's a difficult, slow slog, through soft sand and is unstable and easy to tip over, especially from the SW log camp. Interesting to use and perfectly doable and I completed the map with a load to the market. But. You don't actually need it for completion. You can complete the map purely with self loading rice cargos and don't need the EQ 2081 at all. This makes the map a very easy simple, 6 cargo drive. Is his intended? Why is the Dongfeng there? Why are logs not required a
  9. 2 new excellent maps. Well done. ..
  10. Real life. The 157 has no DL, but it does have locked axles when in 6 WD. The diffs will all revolve at the same speed. This means that if one wheel is spinning, there must be at least 1 wheel spinning on each axle, when the vehicle is stationary. All wheels can be revolving at different speeds to each other, when either stationary or moving, from zero revs, to a maximum of 2 times the rev of the diff. In 1st gear, with the diff revolving at 30 rpm, the max a wheel can revolve is 60 rpm with the opposite wheel stationary. None of this is modelled in game, where one wheel can sp
  11. @ Truckwolf. I've got some answers for you, but I'm not ready yet. ..
  12. @Truckwolf Yes that's it. Here's the B 80.1 version. You can see the PTO just above the hook. The hook comes up through the ring you can see on my trailer. Look at page 207 in the B 80 manual. The linkage is a 3 point system, invented by Ferguson and first used on the TEA 20, (I have a 1948 model). It is primarily used for mounting a plough or cultivation systems. The triangle you see there, in your picture, is for very heavy equipement and incorporates a vertical ram to assist the linkage ram in lifting the whole machine from the ground, which it can the
  13. Aftermath. Default B 80. Getting to the camp wasn't too bad, but it carves a groove that the trailer has to go through. I got back as far as the bridge, but fuel is running out. Regarding the trailer hitch:- A trailer hitch frame, is carried under the axle body and is either fixed with pins or these can be removed and the frame raised and lowered by the hydraulic top arms with the lower arms removed. Better to see a picture. ( I'll find one). This will keep the pin closer to the axle centre.
  14. I used the default B 80. Maybe that's why the original builder gave it such a heavy weight. This is representative of the real life 2WD tractor, trying to pull a drawbar trailer through heavy mud, of the type in Spintires. You've either got to put weight on the rear wheels, water or wheel weights, or use a trailer specially designed for the job as depicted in my picture. ..
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