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  1. "Problem with forum software, it's being fixed". "AUTOMATED MESSAGE: We are glad to see that your problem has been resolved. This topic is now closing". It hasn't been resolved at all! ..
  2. Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX126
  3. As you will know, the best looking load has the tailgate flat and the logs overhang, like this Kraz, but a compromise for B-157/B-505 short beds, might be this firewood load, which I think looks better than short, short logs. Spintires, the original and best. Original Spintires, the best Spintires. Squash bugs, create DLC. Keep the breed pure..
  4. It drops the tailgate, but still packs the load shorter and with the tailgate up. Not a game changer, but could be better. ..
  5. The B-133 has a dropping tailgate. ..
  6. The tailgate should come down to provide overhang and keep the logs at the same length, rather than this comical way of doing things. This is the reason I don't use the B 157 for carrying logs anymore. ..
  7. I tend to spend a long time in a map, 18 hrs is my longest, (River), so anything I can find to do, other than logs, is what I'm looking for. Dumping logs is a good way to do it and then go back to reload and find onother way to the mill. Laying the track surface was good fun, but it will all go if I restart the map from scratch. I'm going to have to find something else to do now that it's fixed. ..
  8. I was a mission I made for myself. When you drive over black ground, the surface comes up to meet the wheel and leaves a track behind, (seen in my previous screenies). So I drove up and down this road with the Zil and gradually covered and filled the whole area. I then did the same thing over the rest of the map until I had filled every black hole. It made a change from carting logs. As Unster said. It has now been done officially. (But I reckon my roads look better). ..
  9. Yes. No probs before. I'm trying to figure it out. I only occurs on this map. ..
  10. I'm still getting micro stutts whilst driving around, when I had none before on Chernobyl. Are you saying your getting none on this map? ..
  11. The diff lock in game, has nothing to do with reality. It is a gameplay balancer and the change was introduced to compensate for other things that were made easier. The shifter was assumed to be harder and therefore didn't need this balance. Some people wanted it to be more difficult, such as permanent damage or stopping to re engage, but these were not implemented. I have no problem with pushing a button when a red icon is flashed in my face. It's not that hard. Better still. Anticipate the oncoming damage and take it out of lock. It adds to the overall gameplay. ..
  12. This feature as we know it, came out in Oct 2015. Before that, it was a point loss system, without throwing the lock out. (Hardcore only). You get a red warning, which gives plenty of time to come out of lock. ..
  13. New road with the new update. Very nice, but unfortunately I have now caught a dose of the "Chernobyl Stutters", when I had none before. Nothings easy. ..
  14. Only for Casual. not Hardcore. As it stands, if you were to roll over, you would have to get another vehicle from another part of the map to right it. Hence Hardcore. If there was an Autosave, then just jump back to the last one and voila, Hardcore is even easier than it already is. ..
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