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  1. Here are the real life configurations of some of the trucks we have in game, (for interest sake) I will expand on it, as and when. This first group belongs to permanently coupled axles. This means that all axles drive at the same speed, good for off road, but on the road this would give an unacceptable high wear and fuel consumption. This is partly solved by disconnecting the front axle, which leaves the rear two still joined because there is no inter axle diff. Uaz 469 4x2/4 wheel drive. 2/4 Transfer. 2 spd. 4 wd in low range only. Diff Locks X axle. No
  2. Depends on how far you would want to take it, given the large number of variations involved, but it sounds like a good idea in principle. There's already a huge wishlist and remember it's somebody else, that has to do the work. ..
  3. @ Truckwolf The limited slip diff doesn't give full locking, (max 80%). Auto lockers are full lock across the axle. Only the Gaz 66 has this system. The Zil 131 doesn't have any locks, only 4/6 wheel drive, (to prevent axle wind up) and high low ratio. Using low ratio will automatically engage the front axle. This in effect will lock the 3 axles together, still with open diffs of course. The Ural system is 6 x 6. To prevent wind up on road, it has a differential between the axles located at the transfer box. This means that all axles are free, as are the diffs. Perfect fo
  4. It's not quite round, but near enough. The 131 has welded axles, but with diffs like any other. The Gaz has auto lockers. They are open until one wheel spins, then cams within the diff, will fly out and lock it and unlock when the wheel gains grip, all without intervention from the driver. This leads to its good reputation off road. The B80 weighs about 3.6 ton, the greater part on the front wheels. I have several 2 wheel drive tractors. They have poor traction without weight on the lift arms, about 2 ton in this case. Certainly no permanent diff lock, if any. Reduce tyre p
  5. @ Truckwolf. The diff locks in the game are a, one type fits all, convenience lock, which drive all of the wheels at the same speed, on any surface.. None of the trucks in game have an all wheel lock system in real life, the same as this. All have open diffs. Some have inter axle locks. None have cross axle locks, which would be required to lock all wheels together, (modern trucks do have this system available). Some, high low range transfer boxes. the ones with inter locks, still have open diffs. Some have permanent 6 x 6 but no locks. The Gaz 66 is unique in h
  6. Or you could have spent it playing ST in its slightly more difficult, "sad broken mess that's likely dead too" mode, as I have, and enjoyed every minute. Let's hope they don't try to turn it into Snudrunner. ..
  7. What about the fuel problem? ..
  8. The Gaz 69 hasn't been updated for some time, so we might have lost that one. I checked out all of my truck mods using this crossing and most worked as expected, except Bapbap Ural which has bad tyres, (no grip, bad sinkage), ..
  9. I tried yout route using Ural and B-131 med trailers, but without succes, . I could only make it using short logs, as I could keep up a bit more speed, which stops the sinkage and therefore keeps your head above water. If you stop you drown. With the B-131 short, it was a different matter. More speed and it crossed the lake without damage. Given that the mud is much softer than previous versions, it's not surprising and let's face it, a lake bottom is going to be soft. Using my usual South of the lake route, it was a similar story, a lot of slow slogging with mediums, but easy
  10. @ Truckwolf. I've had no noticable problems with the Ural on any maps, but I never alter settings, so it might not be comparable with yours. I recently did, Uaz south to camp, B-130 to fuel with tanker, then Ural med to NE mill. All worked as expected. I'm into, Battle of Stalingrad and Rise of Flight, at the moment, but if I get the urge I'll try the South lake route. ..
  11. DCS is very serious. It has the most complicated and difficult to learn aircraft out there and for this reason, bugs can be outstanding for years, including game breakers for some people. The forums are full of impatient people. Devs rarely reply, for obvious reasons. People will stamp out the door if their favourite switch has the wrong sound. I have a completely different phylosophy to it. What doesn't work, I don't need and do it another way. This also applies to all of my other sims. 2 months is a mere pfffft in the grand picture. Lets just wait for 1.6.2 and see what i
  12. Well done. I've re posted that reply on Steam. ..
  13. You put "confused" on my post". The game problems are well documented. How we deal with them is where we differ. I play the game as well as I can, to avoid getting stuck. You play the game as badly as you can, in order to get stuck. ..
  14. What are you confused about, Alex? ..
  15. Mud reality in ST, is a matter of opinion, as mud doesn't follow a standard convention. Shallow hard mud can be impossible to cross, but deep soft mud can be easy if it's got a hard base. If you've ever driven a heavy vehicle off road you will know you can get stuck on mud 10mm deep, diiff locks or not. There are many variations on the theme, but it's largely irrelevant, as apart from the very fine vehicle models, there's nothing I can think of that is actually realistic in any part of this game and make no mistake, it is a game. It's all adjustable to give varying levels of difficulty, w
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