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  1. Oh wow, I forget about this game for about a year. Literally nothing has happened. Boy am I happy I moved on to other games...
  2. Huh, I take a break from the forums for a while, and nothing's happened? I'm only slightly dissapointed. Maybe I should play Legacy for a while so I can trick myself into experiencing an "update" when I go back to the latest version....
  3. Well, look on the bright side. I respect Oovee and Pavel more than the team that made No Mans Sky because that game is a Steaming pile of sheit. Just remember that Oovee delivered a game that was as good as its hype.
  4. Tl;dr Pavel can't do anything on time. Why isn't Localhost hired yet?
  5. Ah, thanks Marjin, I forgot the Build number represents actual game updates, and change number is literally anything to do with it on steam. If I remember correctly, the change was the Steam ID of the app changed to something that ended in 690...
  6. Or, you could think about it logically.... Changed the Steam ID to prevent a backend issue that we probably could not even know existed? The amount of garbage people are willing to throw is amazing. They didn't promise anything, seriously. This is not a No Man's Sky, where there was an over-hype and a product that fell short, very far short. ST does not fall short. It very much could be more, but it does not fall short of what it's sold as: A Russian-themed logging game, where the environment is your obstacle. I've become willing to speak about some, in my opinion and other's, flaw
  7. Testing is the most hilarious thing ever. One the games I tested we have the play test sessions, and the break-it sessions. The break-it sessions are hilarious. Tanks in space, hanger spewing out planes so fast the server crashed, the engineer's pistol somehow 1 shotted heavy tanks, things like that.
  8. This man has a point. Localhost has basically fixed all of them too. *shrug*
  9. I remember a 2016 goals post. There's still a few months left....
  10. It is still the most amazing thing I've used in a while. Mod comes in, pops out the other end, and it works like a charm 10 times out of 10. Then I accidentally run it through again and it breaks. Mod thieves worry me too. This converter holds too much powa!
  11. Holy wall of text. I will read that when I have a few minutes to myself, as it looks fairly interesting. I read your TL:DR at the bottom, so forgive me if I missed something. 1. Making 2 wheels spin at the exact same speeds in a simulation is... difficult. The game currently does the best it possibly can, but a perfect simulation is basically impossible. 2. I'm pretty sure that already happens to some degree. 3. Look at ST+, difflock damage isn't related to speed with the alt damage, it's damage based on how much the wheels synchronize.
  12. Did not take that long to go to personal attacks and mud slinging, and that's kinda my fault...
  13. Nobody here is expecting a new game, we want the stuff they mentioned in July... And this generation and demand... Nice stereotyping to say the least...
  14. I think Oovee should hire Localhost, but that might damage Pavel's ego. Localhost did after all fix Pavel's game...
  15. Something something NDA something. Release dates are always to be avoided, but that means people need to see something else, such as dev streams or dev screenshots. The comments of "Somethings happening, I just can tell about it." is both a hopeful message of progress, but taken with a grain of salt, as we've seen here, the "upcoming" features in post #1 of this thread was posted in March...
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