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  1. The wayback machine can be used to recover deleted internet files. (Because nothing ever truly gets deleted from the internet) my HD tho has been wiped of all things ST.
  2. yeah after one of the more recent updates you have to texture it before you can see it (unreferenced frames arent loaded or something like that)
  3. My guess is your Media folder and workshop files are in conflict? Does it only happen after upload? Do other people experience the issue with your mod?
  4. You need to always save your skp files as sketchup 7 or older
  5. here is what I have modeled so far still needs its front legs, attachments, and detail
  6. Yeah local, loading remote logs is in the plan for it. Jcb is just a brand that makes excavators like cat or deere or volvo. Jcb is what had the tilting cab i was talking about which allows it to run at even weirder angles
  7. @forces theres a video of that green thing too, slowest log skidder ever lol
  8. Menzie muck combined with a jcb and a few others to get all the features on one machine
  9. Im building a spider excavator so like 3-5 joints per leg with 4 legs plus the excavator has a arm with 4-5 joints. The excavtor body rotates and tilts aswell...
  10. Anybody know if there is a max number of powered constraints? My next mod is going to need alot...
  11. I think it literally pushes/pulls the wheel dolly around (steers it). as the mounting plate on the back of the truck moves it applies force to the rope which applies turning force to the wheeldolly due to the offset/diagnal mounting in relation to the log cart. pretty ingenious setup.
  12. thanks for letting me know Hein i'll see about fixing it on my next day off (Thursday I think maybe Friday idr)
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruzV2HYsmXY preview video for the ram. *correction tho to the info in the video - it is on steam. on the 26th before I go to work it will go public. steam friends feel free to use it now as if it where public.
  14. nice truck choice, cant go wrong with a taco
  15. yeah they are the best looking tire mesh I've found
  16. assuming I get this finished before I have to go back to work friday, I'm going to try to get this sent to sid or brute so they can give it out at the Draconus benefit they are doing on the 26th. I have to work 7am-7pm (eastern time) on the 26th so I probably wont make it to the stream myself. (just got this weeks schedule yesterday, sorry guys) info on the benefit
  17. Download the tech demo, you can get the base models from it, but you wont have any crane animations to study. Most of the changes since the demo are xml releated (where moding is concerned)
  18. Still getting about 20k downloads on mods after 2weeks. Which is pretty much the same as it was when mod support dropped. So maybe people are just doing alot of single player
  19. That steering is pretty cool, the issue with the suspension looks like a IFS bone postioning issue. The further from the chassis bone your axles boners are the less camber they will have. (On the width axis, and its probably only the pivot the matters for the bones). Just guessing here but for your wheels to be lined up with the axle tubes you probably need the bones almost lined up with the wheel position maybe further out. edit: I could have that backwards too, might need to line them up with the chassis bone
  20. @freeman i know, but probably 80% of people wont click the link. and without the working pics tattoos original write up is nearly impossible to understand if you don't have a grasp on what the ik is and how it works already along with fairly extensive prior knowledge of 3ds and the games current and old xmls. I mean I had access to his write-up (before and after he deleted it) and some of his personal examples for years and never understood how the linking, cdts and xml related to each other, until you explained it. @marijn i don't mind helping didn't know it was a WIP, but freeman is the
  21. For this to be a complete ik writeup you kinda need a linking and xml writeup. Otherwise all this shows you how to do is weight a spring with the spring tool at the moment.
  22. Worked good for me, but you need to add one more section to the body section. Its missing the first body tag (or maybe the second idr) ehich you can get from freemans downloadable example, anyway with out it it dosent load.
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