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  1. Can you recognize this beast? It's got some small updates done ;)
  2. Well original ST as in Spin-tires 2011 demo. I know crazy right.
  3. Oh, dose he accept new commers? I mean beein here for years but I dont know what discord is
  4. wow. that's amazing. makes be happy to see a proper uaz. How did you find out?
  5. I have to admit I switch between Snow Runner, Mud Runner, Spintires 2011 and Spintires Original and then google any other "spintires" like games. Nothing out there really. So it begs the question what's the best one for all the offroading enthusiasts. My conclusion is Spintires Original (the rollercoaster ride) and what I reaaaly suggest to do to your game. Quite simply focus on adding advanced features. OOvee team I am gratefull for your free Vehicle DLCs but you are up against 900+ vehicle mods on the workshop, so there really are plenty out there. But i you acualy filter out the bad on
  6. This bus comes from Stalker SOC, the driving is amazing. If you are sloppy it will roll over or crash into a tree hard! The most iconic thing here is "brigada" which is the driver model from spintires 2013. This add-on will repair your bus and carry garage points. It can pull a lumber trailer if you have the correct mod if you ever wanted to. I'm having so much fun. This bus is also perfect for Chernobyl DLC and Canyons DLC. With Canyons DLC its very fun because you are basically doing a bus trip in the mountains. I uploaded the mod here for you, just drop it into a mod manager, activate and g
  7. I'd be idea to replicate life like conditions for the vehicles in ST when it comes to becoming muddy. This is simply to increase mud lifetime when it hits the truck it should stay there for quite sometime. Then the final step is to wash it away by driving through a deep puddle or river.
  8. Where can I look and fix the problem that makes the game see and recognize the truck mod a trailer that can't be driven
  9. No matter what way I looked at It, I need another vehicle to accompany the specified one. I would prefer a small car which I know exactly what one but It cannot join it because this DLC restricted to just 1 car. You could also introduce 2 additional vehicles on the map already there which can be the 2 new trucks the DLC comes with. Both in different conditions. Would suggest badly broken down or no fuel.
  10. The only things I wish it had was operable doors , curtains for the interior, animated steering wheel and it'd be set for life
  11. Hi, A friend of mine brought the shubert truck form mafia to spintires. Last update was in 2018. He's done a good job, plenty of features. But I need someone to fix the broken bones and some minor issues before refining physics and handleing again and seeing what it could do for us in spintires as a mod.
  12. Perfect bus for Chernobyl DLC! Original authors have not updated this mod since 2017. Original authors are Ronnie. Files required are provided. Mod's origin is unknown, since its last update in 2017. *EDIT. Follow link to download this bus and activate it through a mod manager. It's a amazing addition, I would say a missing feature vehicle for Chernobyl DLC. You can drive it around the map to explore or transport "brigada" to help unlock a garage.
  13. At the moment I cannot afford to get it because Australian dollar is weak. So what appears as a standard price for US of 44 or 60, on my end appears as 60 AUD or 100 AUD. It's tempting to get it but I just have a gut feeling it's not all it seems for some reason. I will try to wait for a discount sale.
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