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  1. The engine sound set for this zil is too soft and there should be heavy air hiss which isn't present. Maybe they missed something. Although yes it dose sound like the truck in real life except the devs made an audio mistake which caused the sounds to be very soft which is not quite right
  2. Im having trouble with the editor I was hoping an update could make it more practical
  3. In real life these ex USSR vehicle tend to pollute everywhere they go, for example if you leave a truck like this idling in one spot you'd see that it build around it a light cloud of smoke so you know its there. When they move around the same story you'd see in the distance a temporary light cloud of smoke. Don't worry about what the environmentalists are claiming, just go for it
  4. Every sim or car driving game that features in depth simulation has a single player mode where the game puts the player in a specific situation where various skills are required to complete it, would be perfect for your game because it makes the most out of every truck and locks you in to a challenge so you can face your demons there. We got various trucks to work with, i'd be nice to put them through specific scenarios and get more out of spintires
  5. @Zane (Oovee) I think if you can enable the game to spawn a truck with a random level of damage and fuel would make things intresting. Sometimes the game could be evil and spawn a truck with 90% damage and 5% fuel so you wish you never tried your luck! it's all part of the fun anyway
  6. Well done on the hard work that went into the newb130 model, it was much need it because your previous one wasn't the best. I love the new add-ons for it, its got some decency now. I do question the engine sounds tho, Im no expert with B130 truck isn't it meant to sound more tractor like? Also would have 1 other suggestion, your new truck would benefit from 3 trailers! 1 that carries fuel, 1 that carries logs and 1 that carries trucks of a specific size. What I had in mind https://imgur.com/a/jivhxKG
  7. Lets think of real life. When you drive offroad, your car gets dirty and according to where your driving you will experience diffrent kinds of dirt as featured in Spintires, dry mud, wet mud, dust, etc. In Spintires when you get muddy it "dissapears" after a short while. Mud, dust of any kind in real life dose not dissapear it stays on the truck until you wash it away. The suggestion is to make it so in spintires the same happens. So you could be driving around the whole entire game with a truck thats muddy unless you go to a garage or "car wash" or drive it through a river so it gets clean. I used war thunder as an example as it features mud and vehicles amongst other things
  8. Just had a thought here. In most vehicle sims of any sort, mud and vehicles interact by you driving around going about your day or just love mud. Mud, dust, wet mud, etc sticks to the vehicle permanently unless you drive through water to clean it up. What sticks on first? That's probably up for discussion because there is dust, dry mud, wet mud, etc that hit the truck where ever you go. When the vehicle gets washed through a river, it normally stays wet for awhile and if you do the silly thing of going back in the muddy zone you'll get dirty again (faster). Once i realized this fully, Spintires is just plain silly, how the mud and trucks react. I'd recommend making this a priority change so the game makes sense. It's rather important to look at this now. If you want to see what I mean, try driving a tank or a ground vehicle in War Thunder in the testing range, it will start to get dirty after a minute or two. See how it feels when the mud and what not stays on it while you do your test driving vs Spintires logic. Should make more sense
  9. It's very obvious now when the rain falls your truck dosen't get affected by it as in get wet. I feel this as soon as the rain effect has been achieved this has been deliberately left out. Devs don't worry about people's PC so much, most of us have a good rig, if we were able to run Mud Runner 2 on it then we can run ST original. But cutting corners again isn't going to help out. Just in case just add the option to disable this in the option menu if some people are worried so much about it. I would not have an issue, my rig isn't top notch but it can handle Spintires without a problem. Idealy by now we should also have achived wet ground two so you get wet concrete, more bogging down when in rains and so on. At least make sure the trucks are getting wet like they are suppose to.
  10. I thought the existing maps need road signs and warning signs to guide the player so you know what to expect up ahead. I thought it would be a good idea to also add designated parking spots to pass time where you can park your truck which dose not cause loss of fuel. They would normally be found next to petrol stations in general. Maps also would benefit from parked vehicles on the side of the road or in other places to give the impression that the map is populated rather than empty and dull.
  11. I thought about introducing the flashing beacons activation on/off and it could be done via advanced menu where most other features are activated. There can be a text button like with most things such as on/off. After the beacons are installed.
  12. Maybe he needs to review the engine sounds because it sounds a bit broken, otherwise im very glad you told me about it
  13. I can confirm it is functional still with no detected issues. It's defenetly an excelent addition https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=577672660
  14. There's a nice log stumps in the trailer, much nicer from the ususal stuff two, its a bonus
  15. I've seen it, it's beauty. It's got that typical countryside tractor feel with the trailer and old body. Steamworkshop suggests last update for this tractor for ST original was in 2016 so its a gamble if it works or not. I will be sure to contact the author. It's a perfect tractor
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