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  1. Nice map. Thanks. Not sure why the new vehicle as it doesn't look to haul anything but free is good. Not complaining. This actually got me playing the old game again. As for people who can't get the DLC to work and the line of code is in the config.xml, go to the cache folder and delete the config.xml from there. It's what I had to do and it worked fine now.
  2. @Mexican, Here's the skull shifter I had in my ST folder. I'll have to look for the others. Freeman did them and not sure where I put em all or where he posted them. Skull shifter
  3. One of the problems is with the editor cache folder. If you used the MR editor, then went and used the ST editor, you'll get all kinds of problems/errors because both editors use the same cache folder. I posted this in the MR forums last april and he made a new MR cache folder of it's own. Then a few months ago it was changed back to the old ST cache folder and now it gives errors when someone used the MR editor, then goes and uses the ST editor. I've posted about this right after that but seems to have fallen on deaf ears and no one even acknowledged the problem so I dunno what the heck he's doing since he won't fix it.
  4. My shifters still work with the new beta. I'm using it now from the ones freeman updated. Dunno if they're on here or not. Lemme know if you don't have em and i'll send them to ya.
  5. Kind of weird playing the old game after all this time but a good weird. Good to see localhost on the dev team. I think he'll be good for the game since Pavel wouldn't add some things but we see that localhost was able to do it after pz lied and said it wasn't possible. The game looks a bit different, good, with the new textures but the sounds don't sound very good while using Nix's K10, 1st mod he made, I believe, of his rl truck. It revs too high and doesn't sound good. I like the tires screeching when taking a corner too fast. Nice added touch. Haven't really noticed too many changes tho but not liking the rain mod on all the time. I played 4 original maps and it was on in every map. It's cool and all but it looks too fake to me because there are no rain drops in the water or on the ground. It looks like they did in the old days and put water drops in front of the camera. If you can get it to interact with the water and ground, I think it would really be great, but not on all the time. It makes the game too dreary all the time, imo. I'd like to see more sun while driving instead but hopefully not as bright as MR. I think MR is way too bright and looks terrible. I'm also wondering about the editor, if you're going to fix the bugs in it and/or make more changes like what was added lately with the undo and the ability to make changes to the coordinate numbers on the right and the rotation numbers. It's weird how it was setup before but pz made it much easier now to work with. Hopefully localhost knows how to do that. Lastly, the MR editor uses the same cache folder as the ST editor now, again. I told them about this last April and the MR editor cache folder was changed to have it's own folder but recently, a few months back, it was changed back to the ST editor cache folder again. I posted about it again but seems to have fallen on deaf ears now and it's causing problems for people who use both editors because the files are different between the 2 games. Seeing Zane in the forums and communicating with the users is a good thing now. I hope ya'll get this game going again and back to the status it had before all the BS started. Even tho I'm more of a racer type player, it was fun to mod the game because of the way the vehicles have so much movement in the suspensions and other moving parts. I only wish the static map models had more options to make moving parts and blinking lights. Yes, the lights can also use more features like blinking and rotating on vehicles as well as static map models. Good luck and hope ya'll have success with this new update and all. I really do miss the tire choices that was removed in MR. Brain dead move, imho.
  6. [3DS MAX] Spring Weight Tool 2.2.0 Marijn has been hard at work to bring you all a better version of the Weight Tool. It is basically the same with a different layout and new section added as well as the endcap problem fully removed. Download; Spring Weight Tool 2.2.0 Here is the description of changes quoted from Marijn; The layout has changed, Help text has been added, Autodetection of the endcaps, which totaolly fixes the endcap problem, and the option to use an offset when the spring is part of a bigger mesh. The last part is the 'Vertex range'. That was added as a personal request by me for those who like a one part mesh, like Pavel does for the default vehicles. It helps to cut down on draw calls when loading and using a vehicle mod. Enjoy
  7. That's what was happening when I made the cdt's smaller. Maybe your cdt's are too small. I'll have to look at your UAZ 469 with double constraints to see what you're talking about. Thanks. EDIT: I just looked at the UAZ in the editor and your cdt is plenty big like mine, but you have working hubs so maybe has to do with that. I didn't do the hubs.
  8. View File Suspension16 Here is the working file plus mod that is used in my tutorial. Max 2014 file in folder 3ds Max How To Setup IK's For Springs, Shocks and Control Arms Sounds are from SpinTireBero 454 Big Block V8 Engine Submitter Tattoo Submitted 10/16/2017 Category Other  
  9. In this video I explain how to setup IK's for springs, shocks and control arms on a mod as well as how to make them stick using V12's work and Bregel's settings. I was gonna wait until the new version comes out because things will most likely change but I'll worry 'bout that when that happens. How To Setup IK's For Springs, Shocks and Control Arms Working file plus mod. Max 2014 file in folder 3ds Max p.s. I told Hein I'd redo this and I finally got around to it. Sorry it took so long but it's good because of what I found out. They're way better now.
  10. Hey Forces!! Good to hear from ya. I was wondering because of all I heard about what up with where you're at. Good to know that you're ok.
  11. I dun't know but am curious to know what it looks like. Can you take a screenshot of it? I just looked and don't see a Wheels Option Box, Thanks
  12. Just look at the 2 files I told you about from the map and see how he did it. There are 2 .xml files you need. One in the classes folder to tell the game what it is, and one in the meshes folder to tell the game what textures to use. Also, look thru the forums as there are many subjects about this.
  13. The Dirt Time map uses separate static models for the logs. They're not just the regular logs that load onto trucks. Look thru the model files of the map and you'll fine 'log_long_stat' and 'log_short_death'.
  14. Very nice presentation. I'm gonna try it now just because of how well you presented it. Sounds good. This should keep me busy for a while. thanks... btw, change the last =0 in any dropbox link to =1 and the file will download without having to go to dropbox and having to press another button to download it. Try it and you'll see what I mean. Like this - https://www.dropbox.com/s/y9qzi1rpfqj7oxw/level_grand_lake.7z?dl=1
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