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  1. Looks like the host change and forum update went well … The forum is pretty fast now! : - ) Thank you!
  2. Some updates ago the texture the game originally came with was replaced by the texture from your screenshot. IMHO: Since the change has altered the design of many custom maps, this should be reverted and the new texture should stay as a additional asset. Same for the other textures …
  3. @Zukakis Thanks for asking! Well, I’m still a noob with Blender, will that be for the next time and I don’t know if I will ever finish a static model. But hey, since 2.8 has no DirectX exporter at all I’d appreciate your work on that …
  4. Map size is too small for realistic speed … ; - )
  5. OMG First I can’t use 2.80 and now not even 2.79. I don’t have words for that … However — thank you!
  6. 2.79 latest and standard directX exporter. I wanted to try it without the modified exporter …
  7. I need some help guys … I'm now able to build models with Blender and I ran into a problem. I made a bridge part and the problem is that the vehicle glitches into the surface after a few meters and it’s not always the same area. A test with a basic cube had the same result. What’s the problem? Thx!
  8. I have that problems too! At the moment it’s not so bad, but some weeks ago it was really horrible!
  9. Ability to hide all on-screen GUI by pressing F3 Nice! : - )
  10. We got a very nice new dirt road texture which perfectly fits the color of the mud and the tire tracks. Looks great on my Forestry Expert map … : - )
  11. After a lot of googling it really looks like the exporter is not compatible yet. That’s sad because I got much better into 2.80 instead of 2.79 …
  12. DirectX Export from Blender 2.80 I can’t find the addon like in 2.79. Ideas anyone …?
  13. Anyone experienced trucks aren’t sinking to the ground in deeper waters? They swim like a boat … BTW @Zane (Oovee) The forum is very slow for me and I often get an network timeout error. Is it just for me or everyone?
  14. Good Afternoon! After playing and testing a while, here is my feedback for the actual build: First of all, most things are said so I'm not going to repeat everything in detail … I'm pretty happy with the update, it’s again fun playing Spintires! Thank you very much @Zane (Oovee) and @Localhost (Oovee) ! Color grading, sounds and vehicle behavior is a big improvement! New turning radius is a good challenge altough I agree that it could be increased a little, but really just a breeze … You also made the B-130 great again! Thank you for that! Free roaming camera: Awesome! Already looking forward to my next teaser video … Issues I noticed: When attaching the garage semi trailer to the B-130 the front end of the trailer touches the cabin and blocks while turning Cistern semi trailer and garage semi trailer seems to float over the fifth wheel coupling Chains of the B-130 does not reflect in tire tracks My suggestions and wishes for the upcoming updates: Please remove the monstrous symbol of the roof camera and give it a keybind instead! Some useful addons for the B-66, a flat bed (logs/garage points), a flat bed with some fuel and repairs (fuel and repair), a small cistern (fuel only). Similar to the B-130 … For my feeling water splashes could appear a little earlier, for example when entering water at lower speeds in 1st gear Separate keybindings for all crane operations and also for the new free roaming camera Increase liftetime of exhaust fumes on heavy trucks a little And if you are totally bored: In the ingame list there is an empty achievement left (the removed one) which could be also removed
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