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  1. Hi Unster, Thanks for the link. I'm happy to see that others share my thoughts. My only goal here is to help the developers join our with and use about the same numbers that I've edited or any numbers that they consider in order to reduce the mud grip. It's almost certain that they are afraid of risking to lose players/buyers if they find it too challenging, but that can be changed if they carefully choose what vehicles you should start with in order to advance through the missions without getting stuck before unlocking the more powerful trucks available on each map. It shouldn't be a big
  2. Hello once again, After some further more testing and after later game updates of Mudrunner (these numbers are for Mudrunner, but could very well give similar results on Spintires), I had to re-tweak the values a little bit more. Now the mud grip is slightly lower and you may get stuck in the mud more often if you don't have something to winch onto or another truck nearby for help, but the purpose remains the same: realism as better as the actual physical model simulation allows. Here it is: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SjZRWjNuBWWQk_8Zph-QUl8UIe4xwyPE The same steps a
  3. Hello, I have a few proposals regarding the gameplay difficulty for casual and/or hardcore modes in order to reflect reality better, thus making the game more interesting and possibly more attractive even if with a slightly increased challenge, yet just like the real thing in the end. These are the requests: - Only be able to change transmission modes such as "all wheels" and "diff lock" when standing still and not instantly apply one or another so quickly or when rolling. Only new vehicles which feature electronically controlled transmission can switch between all
  4. Hello again guys, It's been a while since I've played spintires the last time, so I'm back in it again, it's still lovely. The only bad thing is that the default grip for substances (mud, water, etc.) is still unrealistically high and all the vehicles engine torque and maximum speed as well as gear the timings are lower than for the real vehicles although many updates of this wonderful game occurred in between. I have now re-uploaded the media.xml and other files which correct just about everything that can be corrected to make this simulator be a simulator, not just a w
  5. Hello again, Is there any change going to take place regarding the 7310's lower grip than the 535/537s? Again, the belly (due to ground clearance) is not what's causing the 7310's tires to have a bit lower grip, it's the friction coefficient of the tires itself which friction we can no longer change/edit for some reason which I also don't get. What was it wrong if we could change tire grips coefs as long as we are allowed to change the substance friction in general? It was very good to allow different players to tweak values on their own because as I personally could pr
  6. Hi..., look, the 7310 and no other vehicle simulates when the belly (related to clearance) touches the ground, so it won't do...! The devs should provide an answer to this otherwise we can only pretend why this happens. It's not a big issue but must be taken care of too, because it looks strange!
  7. I don't know how the friction is modeled, but as it seems the under (belly) of each truck doesn't seem to have any friction being simulated against the mud as we can clearly see the differential, axles and other body frame components touching it like there's 0 friction, so the friction/traction/grip must come from somewhere else than these if the tires wouldn't be responsible!
  8. Exactly..., but if you check you can confirm what I'm saying! Just don't even modify the substancefriction value, try with the default media.rar as it is and by using the Providing Ground, test the 7310, the 535 and 537 in the swamp by digging in with the tires until you sink in the mud to the maximum depth and you should see the difference how 7310 will eventually slow down until it remains stuck in mud, while the 535 and 537 can even start from a standstill in the deep mud and keep on going without a problem. Yet this difference (as opposite from how it should be) in tire traction between th
  9. Hi, It seems that the type-E 7310 tires offer less traction/grip than those on either Maz 535 or 537. Normally, the tires on the 7310 should have a higher ground contact surface than those on 535 and 537 (which are thinner) and lower contact pressure which should only increase the grip. I've tested this by lowering the Substancefriction value in the media.xml file and found out that the 7310 remains stuck completely in deep mud, while the Maz 535 and 537 have no problems rolling through or starting from standstill. Please check! Cheers!
  10. Hello again, After making some calculations on the wet mud's grip coefficient versus tire sink into mud in order to still be able to move/roll (barely at the limit), I came to the conclusion that if you really want a realistic mud grip, regardless of how one likes it or not, because if one cares only of how reality is reflected into Spintires mud even if it might seem exaggerated (mostly because one may have got too much used with the default values and now it's hard to understand), because we've already determined that the grip values of the mud are still too high even after
  11. Hi all, I've tried to install the mod, i have copied the media files after exctrating them to replace the files i my default media folder (i have exctrated the entire media folder as well). But my game just won't run, even the menus don't appear, what am I doing wrong? I run latest stable. I would love to have more realism added into the game, i tottaly agree whith the fact that mud and truck tires and body don't interact like in the game running unmodded. Regards Hello again everyone! Sorry I've been away for a period of time! I've modified the Media.zip file again no
  12. Hi there "DrGoNzO1489"! Thank you for sharing my interest to give it a more realistic behavior! I'm honestly happy there are others who also spend time juggling with the values until they get something better (more real)! The thing is that with the values I've been giving, as well as the values given by anyone else, the mud has a some sort of general behavior. It would be great if the mud would be truncated into several models, each one with it's respective values, so as an example some portions of mud would behave realistic with the values I gave, some other mud portions/types should
  13. I copy you now PL! So, this is what I was missing and didn't well understand about the new gear ratios which were in fact related to the transfer case feature. Thank you PL! All the best!
  14. Hi again, Ok, I've got your point better now, thanks! So this explains the reachable depths of mud, but the problem with grip (taking into account even if there would be no real axle/belly contact with the mud) is that it just still looks quite high and therefore if the pulling (which have torque on them) tires would be having mud in front/behind of them at a depth of more than a third if the tire's diameter, it's very possible (also matters the soil properties indeed, but let's assume it's that soft, slippery soil) for those tires to remain stuck. This is why I believe there's a gr
  15. Hi Amodo, Yeap, I see your point, that the mud is simulated to be so deep because the game doesn't simulate axles or belly contact with it (not being 3d models that affect mud), therefore the deeper mud would compensate for that, but... visually it is exaggerated for a truck to roll so easily within that default depth mud and even at lower depths. As I've stated, I compared real life with the game. And in real life as you can find many videos on youtube, the whole truck (even when light) gets stuck forever with all 6 wheels pulling if the tires are more than a third sunk, so by t
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