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  1. I would think you are setting what it spawns with. IE setting the addons, wheels and trailers to be attached. While spawning a truck with all the trailers attached might be amusing, dunno how useful it would be
  2. Ahh, havoksplosions, everyone's favorite
  3. Hi all, Get in behind my push to get Focus to re-impliment the 'old' engine and gearbox and make the SpintiresMudrunner experience much better!
  4. For sure freefall. Communication flow always felt stilted to me, my feel on it falls more towards the 'indifference' side rather than the 'malicious' or 'intentional' that many seem to assume. But when all's said and done while it would be interesting to know everything that went on, I don't really need to know, nor do I care particularly. I have almost 1000 ingame hours, it's not like I haven't gotten my money's worth.
  5. To be completely fair, there may be privacy law issues involved, but tbfh it's not like it's going to make anything worse...
  6. A bigger question is whether or not any of that really matters... At the end of the day you either enjoy playing the game or you don't (assuming that the game isn't broken in some fundamental way and does not work at all) so either play the game, or don't. Buying something based on what it is 'promised' (bearing in mind that as a game is developed it may turn out that any given feature may get dropped, for a variety of reasons. Especially given PZ's amazing record of 'updates that no-one asked for and no-one wants') is silly really. You wouldn't buy a Ford Focus just because the guy you are buying it off says "Oh, it's a Focus now, but in 6 months it'll be a Mustang!" FWIW, 'community' sites are virtually always a better source for mods (and apart from maps, why not get mods off the Workshop?) than 'official' sites anyway, and apart from some modding resources and stuff from the '14 Demo days what would be missed about this whole site shutting down? Watching y'all work yourselves into a froth over things that can't/won't/weren't ever going to change (and people defending PZ, like he is some sort of saint!) has been amusing for me so I guess I'd miss that.
  7. I don't think it's fair to blame Pavel being unreasonable on Oovee (in terms of him actually using other's suggestions) As far as the backer's DLC? I'd blame that on Pavel not following through on pretty much any of his promises (because lets face it, he could have easily added a special truck or whatever, especially once the mod support update came, but didn't)
  8. Schlamm may not have been clear enough. The only author of 'certified' mods is (was?) Pavel.
  9. Just after sunrise, screenshot taken today. Other than the nicer skybox I don't really see anything different.
  10. tbfh it looks the same as it does now (there are actually better shots in the screenshot topic). Maybe a bit more variety in trees? Imo, Pavel still having a job is a miracle of the modern world.
  11. Probably intentional by PZ. Because reasons, important ones for sure.
  12. Erm... Hasn't it always been instant refuelling & repair? Localhost may be able to do it in Spintires Plus, but I doubt anyone else can.
  13. Just out of curiosity, are you usin Spintires Plus?
  14. I'm surprised that anyone thinks that continued development of spintires is commercially viable anymore.
  15. Don'the encourage his laziness Skull. Considering how easy it is to test this, Gabe should be doing this himself.
  16. The horn sounds are tied to the mass of the vehicle. There are (afaik) three mass 'bands' that result on the light, medium or heavy horn sound being chosen for any particular vehicle.
  17. Map: North Russia - The Last Journey - Gold Edition Impressions: A gorgeous looking map, almost like a more detailed version of Plains. Unfortunately, this map is what I like to call a "Hide and Seek" or "Scavenger Hunt" map, where there is no unlocked initial garage, and the garage trailer is hidden somewhere on the map Why I Didn't Finish It: Not only is the garage trailer hidden way the hell on the other side of the map (northern edge, while the garage is near the wouthwest corner) the truck attached to it is fully damaged and out of fuel. You are provided with a C-255 towing a Utility Semitrailer to start with, but after hauling that clear across the map, I then have to haul the Garage Semitrailer all the way back (there is a garage in the northeast corner, but that is on the far side of the map to where 90% of the vehicles are located) How I Would Fix It: Swap the Utility and Garage semi-trailers around, alternatively setting up the start vehicle(s) at an open garage (the closest garage is maybe 100m from the start point) and maybe remove one of the 5 objectives. Overall: 7/10 If it wasn't for the garage thing it'd be a 9 or 10. I may come back to this one, possibly change some addons around to allow me to actually log, rather than having to spend half an hour ferrying trailers around needlessly. Map: Do not sleep behind the wheel Impressions: A small, but well laid out map. Multiple paths between the two objectives and the loading zone. No mud, at all. Why I Didn't Finish It: The hills are probably a bit too steep, but I can deal with that if it wasn't for the fact that the paths are also extremely bumpy. Since I play on hardcore that means 1 or 1+ with difflocks on all the time, or would do so if the concrete-hard ground didn't mean I was constantly having to turn the difflocks off (even though I had no or very little traction) How I Would Fix It: A little bit of ground softening, and some smoothing out of the roads. Overall: 6/10 Fine for Casual or trail players looking to kill an afternoon.
  18. There are several versions of Siberian Express floating around. I found the earlier versions (with only the mid-point fuel/garage location) much better, since the addition of the multiple fuel/garage locations removes a huge amount of the challenge from the map.
  19. *sigh* then reduce the angvel and delta values. You've probably also pushed the mass of the vehicle into the next mass band for the horn.
  20. Map: Canyon_v.VK My Impressions: Very, very nice map. 'Some' mud, loads of different paths (all of which are viable and interesting), a reasonable selection of vehicles built into the map (and the option to add in up to 6 of your choice!) and My only real beef is with the position of the C-6522 & Garage Semitrailer that you need to 'rescue' before you can get down to business. The truck is heavily damaged (but one of the first locked vehicles you come across is a C-4320 with a full utility attachment so it's not too bad, there is also a C-255 with the roof repair pack nearby) and has almost no fuel (6L, it is very close to a fuel depot, but you'll never get it there without towing, and there are no vehicles that spawn with a fuel-carrying attachment) and has been positioned in very tight space where you need to back it around a hard 90° turn as soon as you start moving. This wouldn't be so bad if the space in question wasn't also very soft boggy ground. It took me nearly half an hour to get the truck and trailer out, to say I was unimpressed is an understatement as I nearly quit the map there and then. Once you get to actually start playing the map it's great though, and provided me with about as much play time as completing all of the maps that come with the game combined. Even if logging isn't your thing, it makes a very nice 'softcore' trailing map, nothing too strenuous, just somewhere close to 20 km of twisting forest trails. Pros: Several km of well-thought out trails through some nice scenery A good balance of hard ground and softer mud (by the time i got around to doing the runs to the final objective, some of the roads had gotten pretty torn up, but nothing silly) Reasonable selection of vehicles available on the map (B-66, C-4320, C-255, K-700, several utility trailers (each with some fuel and repair points inside) and a decent number of free slots Cons: That garage trailer...Overall: 7/10. I was going to give it a 9, but that Garage trailer really p****d me off. The northern side of the canyon could have used a bit more love (and another trail) and what essentially is a single passable route from the central objective to the southern edge of the map (where the fuel depot, garage and two of the objectives are) means you'll be passing over the same terrain several times to complete the map. I enjoyed playing this map however, and it's worth a look.
  21. Why make the mass be 2x that of the real thing? (~1400, because mass in kg, not lb)
  22. http://www.oovee.co.uk/forum/topic/10493-tool-gearbox-calculator-spreadsheet/ Whatever the latest release is should work well enough.
  23. v10 at the moment It works well enough, but I never bothered releasing it since there never seemed to be that much interest
  24. Try this: <Motor MaxDeltaAngVel="0.025" Torque="25719"> <ReverseGear AngVel="0.96" /> <!-- 6.4kph/4mph --> <HighGear AngVel="5.20" /> <!-- 7.9kph/4.9mph --> <Gear AngVel="1.22" /> <!-- 1.8kph/1.2mph --> <Gear AngVel="4.18" /> <!-- 6.3kph/4mph --> <Gear AngVel="6.99" /> <!-- 10.6kph/6.6mph --> <Gear AngVel="11.05" /> <!-- 16.7kph/10.4mph --> </Motor> Which is about as good as I have ever gotten it (note that the speeds are the optimum/max-torque speeds for each gear, not the maximum speed for each gear) Enjoy!
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