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  1. PushResistance does exactly what it says on the box, it sets the resistance to 'push' forces (in context that being sinking down into the mud) so increasing it has the effect of making it harder to sink into the mud, not neccesarily how far you'll sink into the mud. [edit]Although those things are related, especially when you set 'extreme' values[/edit] I think rather than focusing on 'realistic' (which considering the number of 'mud consistency' discussions there have been on this forum over the years appears to be pretty subjective) imo it's better to focus on 'realisticish' with the dr
  2. In general, because it's a game, and 99% of the playerbase are not hardcore fanatics, setting the bar of "realism" at "one of the most capable offroad trucks in the game needs to be able to get fully bogged on a regular basis" is unlikely to please the overwhelming majority of players (who are currently almost universally complaining that the 1.6.x mud is too difficult to get through).
  3. Guys, there's no need to panic. It's a settings issue. Here's the vanilla mud 'substance' settings: <Mud> <Substance FullPushDepth="1.2" LinResistance="1" PushResistance="1" SubstanceFriction="0.85" /> </Mud> And here's what to do to 'fix' it: <Mud> <Substance FullPushDepth="1.2" LinResistance="0.75" PushResistance="1.0" SubstanceFriction="2.55" /> </Mud> As you can see it's just a few relatively m
  4. Doesn't look that different to how it looks IRL:
  5. In 1.5.x there was fuel use when using addons (crane etc) and winching.
  6. If you're playing 'hardcore' there's no difflock in 'automatic' only 1/1+/R
  7. In general, in English, the pictured item is known as a 'pole' A 'pillar' would (generally) be something looking like these:
  8. That will be because of this: SubstanceFriction="1.0" Where the 'standard' for offroad tyres is 1.2 (as per this post) Also dynamic friction.
  9. But please, for the love of everything you hold dear, do not say "we will provide an update soon." Because people cannot read and will take that to mean "There will be a game update coming soon." when you actually mean "We'll let you know what's going on." For reference see every other time a status update has been 'promised' on this forum, and when it comes there's just comments like "Oh, news, cool. Where's the update? YOU LIED TO US!!!!11"
  10. It was noted (and complained about bitterly) at the time it was introduced. Pavel thought it was awesome/denied it was even there however, so it never got changed.
  11. Better (at this point, so as not to horrendously break every existing mod) would be to allow the parameters to be adjusted per-gear (much like Spintires was originally) like this: <Gear Torque="47933" AngVelMin="0.48" AngVelOpt="2.89" AngVelMax="8.1" AutoNextLinVel="2.27" MaxDeltaAngVel="0.05" /> For even more fun, adding in parameters for AngVelOptMin and AngVelOptMax so you can have a flat spot in the 'curve' (for example the engine in the C-652x trucks makes 1255Nm of torque from 1300rpm to 1500rpm) which would allow for loads of cool things: <Gear Torque="47933
  12. More people will make it more alive. That being said there's also a Spintires/Mudrunner channel over on the /r/TruckSim Discord channel.
  13. The issue with the A-469 appears to be because the 'headlight' light is poorly positioned: <HeadLight _template="Small" Pos="(0.0; 0.5; 0.0)" /> When it 'should' be positioned inbetween the headlight flares: <Flare _template="HeadLight" Pos="(1.927; 1.038; 0.553)" /> <Flare _template="HeadLight" Pos="(1.927; 1.038; -0.553)" /> So a simple change to the 'headlight' entry: <HeadLight _template="Small" Pos="(1.927; 1.038; 0.0)" /> Should fix it!
  14. Yes, that feature can give strange results, especially with a relatively high rpm engine. It's actually meant to be "Torque Converter" for simulating how automatic transmissions work (the torque converter multiplies torque when it is 'slipping'), but I was never particularly happy with how the implementation worked out in the later versions of Spintires.
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