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  1. I run Bregels mods with no problems and my rig has an I3, 8Gb DDR3 ram and a GTX 670.....clearly not a "High end rig". You must be having problems somewhere else like background processes or other programs or your trying to run multiple mods at the same time. Bregel's works of art are highly detailed and time intensive to make so before you start telling him what he should and shouldn't be making, just be thankful he releases them at all.
  2. Hello again all! Ive found another awesome idea for a truck for Spintires. Its called the Oshkosh MMRS- Multi Mission Recovery System. Brand:Oshkosh Model: MMRS- Multi Mission Recovery System (seems to be based on the HEMTT chassis, just stretched) Year: 2014 only one truck was produced as a demonstrator Picture: see links below Tuning: Stock- with rotating boom and extendable boom along with extendable anchors and outriggers MINUS the over cab turret 3d model: Ive searched high and low and thru the mud and cant find a model of this truck....though it seems to be based on the HEMTT chassis, so it would be easier to stretch the HEMTT and model the crane bits. http://www.military-today.com/engineering/oshkosh_mmrs.jpg YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLyVEp6XyXY Relevant website links: http://www.military-today.com/engineering/oshkosh_mmrs.htm http://www.oshkoshdefense.com/technology-1/mmrs-demonstrator/ Thanks in advance if anyone can make this beauty of a truck come to life in anyway!
  3. awesome! is it going to be anything like the picture i posted above?
  4. Hello all I would like to make a mod request...well actually an addon request. Its a wrecker box that goes on the back of any 1 ton pickup truck. Brand: any standard cab dually pickup truck ( i would ideally like it to go on Brutes Reg Cab Dually) Model: Chevy Year: 88'-98' Picture: see below Tuning: well a simple up and down of the boom and maybe a telescoping function of the boom if its possible 3D model: using this model from sketchup would probably be the easiest way to go https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model.html?id=32777c4e74e078f0c7654e0eafdb634e There is this guy that lives close to me and he does free wrecker services to off roaders at off road events and his truck is just a beast. Seeing Brutes Reg Cab Dually reminded me of this guys truck and i would really like to see something like this in game. Thanks
  5. Im drooling on my keyboard... awesome work SID!!
  6. https://oshkoshdefense.com/vehicles/het/
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