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  1. Yeah, i know. Common problem, especially if you have family and work ;-) But i do have a little advantage. When you US boys are in the middle of your rush hours, here in EUR it's deep night and my girls are allready sleeping ;-) But on the downside.....sometimes i have to go to work again in the morning
  2. Haha, i know......wanted to do a testride with you but never happened ;-) Let's see if ST still working (haven't started it for some weeks) and i'm in
  3. Your shifter is working? If you play with H-shifter, this thingie isn't shown at all, because you don't need it!
  4. As far as i remember, directly below the "trailer" option ;-)
  5. This option only take effect, if that truck you place has more selectable wheelsets in the garage menu. So you can spawn this truck with wheelset0, whelset1.........
  6. Dunno, if it's the "clear" way, but i replaced: <PhysicsModel> <Body AngularDamping="1.0" Collisions="Dynamic" Friction="2.0" Mass="400.0" NoSoftContacts="true" /> </PhysicsModel> simply with: <PhysicsModel> <Body Collisions="Dynamic" /> </PhysicsModel> In \classes\models\ .xml (how to change "mass" to "0" should be clesr now too. But never tried this...) and it's working fine! But if you create your
  7. Exactly! You setup the initial attachments of the truck here. You can put more addons, as you would use them in garage menu, but only ONE trailer at a time If you had a choice of wheelsets for the given truck, you can chose, which one will be used. If only one wheelset is avaiable, this option is useless.....
  8. Yeah! Haven't had this for such a long time now........ I really miss it!!!
  9. Ah well, had been much worse in some former versions. But fortunately Pavel had reworked it finally... And BTW, happened to me with the (normally) fix mounted long logs trailer *lol* Was able to skid the logs for a while, but finally the high forces while cornering caused my KraZ to explode i flew to the moon Maybe i'll find some screenshot of this session.....
  10. Sorry, but i won't support anything, those guys from OOVEE are involved any more! Tired from all the lies
  11. Well, tried terrain from Terrain Party too, but didn't get very interresting map out of it *lol* Where do you find IRL challenging terrain on a square of 1km ;-) Therefore i prefer "AT" (artificial terrain) made with WorldMachine and got some interresting results
  12. Hey mate! You really believe, one of the OOVEE gods is reading this? GOOD LUCK! ;-)
  13. I do believe, it's simply another truculent act of famous "Pavel The Kid" ;-)
  14. BTW, exactly for that reason, i never wanted the workshop! And i'm happy, maps never have found its way to workshop...
  15. Exactly that! Sorry for my uncertainty, but i wanted to point out the unfinished personality of this russian guy, called Pavel. To use such phantasy account name for "official" content of "his game", he want(ed) to sell, tells much about his mental maturity and what is to be expected in the future from him! And why he removed "his" trucks from workshop? Dunno, maybe another act of sabotage.... ;-)
  16. Ah well, these 2 or 3 certified trucks in workshop were uploaded by the famous "Shadowlord Of Darkness Undead" (=P.Z.) ;-) And if he decided to delete them, for what reason ever, it's his desicion. But there are a bunch of other very good mods in workshop, so don't worry about...
  17. So i guess, you have a couple maps with custom objects residing in your media folder, right? ;-) One more example of lazy map modders, not creating new objects when editing stock content Now you have two possibilities: - Clear your media folder copletely and re-add the maps one by one, until this issue is happening again -> BINGO, you got the bad map - or search in your media\classes folder for substitutes of original rocks and delete them -> jumping rocks should be solved.... Good luck PS: My 666th post *lol* Hope this doesn't cause bad Karma for you ;-)
  18. Just like Holbs suggested. Rename your "little" map into "ref_whateveryouwant" (the prebuild in the editor), create your big map and use the "add reference" to place it there. But then you cant edit the reference directly in the project any more. And the edges, where the maps are to be stitched, should be well leveled and plain. Otherwise you will get serious problems in your height profile there. Tried it in the past, but never worked as expected, so i did it never again.
  19. Whom you mean with "they"? The guys from OOVEE are "Lost In Space" for month now and Pavels itself looks like a fake at the moment. Better to ask the Oracle of Delphi *lol*
  20. Haha, misunderstood you ;-) But as i said before, never heared about that..
  21. Well, because i've been asked several times these days, i'll post the link to the old editor version here (.exe only, just replace it) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-tMFXaT0acBYmZmdzdVbGVULUk/view?usp=sharing Have fun!
  22. Haha. None of this goofy heads form OOVEE has anything to do with coding ;-) All the work is done by their former lone-wolve-developer Pavel. And ATM he is very busy to finish the console version of ST and then programming the successor.... So i doupt, the editor will ever be improved
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