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  1. cuzz thay were soo good right i know i agree
  2. Lol ya we should prob get back on track i mean theres no winner to this Engine And truck thing Lol everyone has a right to there opinion
  3. Most tow trucks are Ford soo whats your point lmao
  4. Lol whos talkin bout a 6.0 thats a 6.4 in the model and i agree a cummins is better then a 6.4 But not a 6.0
  5. ill send you a message on steam as well But ill show you the basics Over skype chat if you want
  6. Lol No not that HaHa i mean a Ford with a cummins But everyone knows how them cummins owners are
  7. a Cummins in a ford ?? Dont think to many people like fummins
  8. did everyone come up with the same idea to do that at once lol Nice Bregel looks amazing
  9. Havent really posted much soo here is a ram 2500 project i started scratch making the body Today
  10. Lookin good so far what do y'all think
  11. Not sure just the way the game works i dont use JSGME anymore soo maybe one of the moderators or Forces or someone like that can help
  12. give some 6.7 lil work and i think its turning out Great!!!
  13. i might do one after i finish the k20 crew cab or if brute wants to do it he can dont matter to me
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