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  1. Hello, How can i play maps v.03.03.16 on Spintieres v1.6.1, all maps..like test maps or after a hard day, spintires crashed..the game it was round about four years old and the only think what i am doing is to test diff. ways to play one or two hour with very small maps to view some truck and drive 20-30 min around...i have all this time no version to install trucks and maps simble, and Spintieres have no crash... Pfff its very frustrating
  2. Hello everybody, i hope one help me, i seach and search but nothing works... looking for the Trailer CHMZAP Big Trailer / Semitrailer CHMZAP-5247 that works with the spintires Verison 2016, i found many files but no one will work... Here is my question,, is there are any converter that can convert an old mod to ST 2016, or is there are an simple way to can to that? - i am not a developer, that why i am ask for a simple way... looking for that: thank you for your support
  3. @ Bregel I love your Mods, a question... its possible to make the Oshkosh HET M1070 Trailer available for the MAZ 7410,7310,535...this would be very nice Best Regards from Germany Gerhard
  4. Hello again, a short question? How can i convert Trailer (chmzap Trailer) for Spintires Stable Release 0303... Regards Rerhard
  5. Hello and a Happy New Year, looking for a long time for a Big Trailer for the Maz 7310 / or the Maz 537...have everybody the file or an Link? Link http://spintires.nl/st14-maz-7310-addons/ or screen Thanks a lot Gerhard
  6. He all, a short question: i have a very nic Custom Map (not created by me) it possible to edit the map - i have only the Maps Files - its a small edit (delete one Obstacle on the asphalt road) thanks for an answer gerhard
  7. Stimmt das mit Steam wurmt mich auch Gerd
  8. Dem kann ich Flanna nur zustimmen..... es gibt da auch ein schönes Sprichwort - "gut ding will weile haben".
  9. Hallo zusammen, nachdem ich mich so nach und nach erstmal in Spintires zurechtfinden muss habe ich schon gleich mal eine Frage: Wie sieht man eigentlich ob der Hotfix vom 30.7 in meinem Game angekommen bzw. installiert wurde, es gibt leider im Spintires selbst keine Versions-Nummer..... Grüße Gerd
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