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  1. this is why i upload to a third party site to host my pics (imgur is what usually use) and then just link the pic to the post. plus side is that it also does not take up data space on the forum.
  2. never stupid to ask questions if you are wanting to learn.
  3. yeah, my mistake. i guess i just said it not thinking which game has it. i remove the intro from both games. i forgot ST does not have intro music. although i seem to keep thinking there used to be? my memory is not what it used to be.
  4. you can remove the intro files from the Media zip folder. everything still loads fine, you just get a black loading screen instead. also would recommend to remove the intro music as well if doing this imo.
  5. Ural 4320 has always been my "go to" truck for the game and have pretty much considered it overall most capable, versatile 6x6, but things get old and time for something new maybe... Kamaz 4310
  6. proving grounds, no difference. still the same. 6522 gear 1+ is same speed/wheel speed as gear 1. also, the 6520 is affected for me. guess i shall try reinstalling again with sync off, maybe some luck?
  7. yeah, version 1.4.2. going to try again but with cloud sync off and see if i has any effect.
  8. @Unster i just click off to the side of the map selections. it takes me back to the menu screen without selecting anything.
  9. everything should be clean and proper, since i did uninstall, cleared caches and then reinstalled. no mods of any kind installed also, not even workshop. which is why i am wondering if maybe there i something going on with my cloud sync. like it is pulling an old cloud save file? idk.
  10. maybe just me then, but i see this a lot. in ST and MR. i figure most people do not get the camera down to ground level to really notice it, but yes mod maps do tend to have this issue more often.
  11. not just the DLC, if you really look you find this on almost all maps here and there. both stock and mod maps.
  12. i get the same, 4.38. have verified my game 3 times now and same result. am stumped even though i did a clean install (cleared caches, etc.) corrupt save/cloud sync maybe or something
  13. i have noticed the 6522 gear 1+ is still the same speed as gear 1. in fact it almost seems slower even. so am asking anyone who would like to double check on this as well so i know is it not something on my end.
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