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  1. Hi, I tried to connect to the server in multiplayer mode. Server was created with map RIVER. After I was connected, I played little bit and disconnected from multiplayer, because some players were disconnected as well. Then I tried to create single player HILL map. But as you can see on image, even I created new single player game (local) there is still present icon from previous multiplayer game. When I tried to return to the main menu and load new game again ... server phantom was still present. After I exit the the application (killed spintires.exe), start it again, loaded HILL saved single player map, then phantom disappeared. Thanks
  2. I think it was Canyons map. Try to use manual gearbox, first gear all the time.
  3. From Log kiosk to the lumber mill.
  4. Yes, "locked" truck will start and will move in your direction when you pres F.
  5. I am not sure how you tried to achieve this achievement ... but for me works changing key for the breaks to some unusual for example "P" key. So even when you accidentally press "S" then nothing happens. With this technique I did it with D 535.
  6. Because when you attach winch to the locked truck and then press F then truck will move forward, closer to your truck and become unlocked. So in fact you are moving by pressing F locked truck ? Where is the logic? If it is locked then it means that it cannot be used. I hope you are not the only one dev working on this game because it will die soon in this case.
  7. I know there is tendency to mark all bug as "As designed" but going this way software never become better. I am software developer too, so I know what I am talking about. If there is change to enhance behavior and it doesn't require tons of time, then devs should take a look at it and try to fix it.
  8. Hi, I found that ON\OFF state of truck lights are not saved in game, when I returned back to playing then lights are still off. In night I cannot see truck I am pull because there is no way how to turn on lights on the pulled truck. Here you can see that 4310 has lights turned ON but B 80 turned off ... during pull it is very hard to see what is happening with B 80. I think it should be easy to add one flag to save. Similar scenario when switching from pulling truck to pulled truck. Even I heard engine of other truck lights are automatically turned off. Thanks
  9. Hi Map canyons I cannot rescue any truck to the garage where C 4310 is placed Thanks
  10. Hi, I used B 80 with trailer in canyons map. While I got from garage on the hill (not the start garage but this one, where C 431 is located) to the log station, tractor consumed 80 % of fuel. I think it is too much. B 80 should have 3.63 tones and motor 4.75L 60 KW K 700 should have 13 tones and motor 15L let's say 238 kw (I don't know which variant devs choose) 1 . For both fuel consumption is the same in casual and hardcore game mode - I am not sure it is on purpose or it is bug, because C 255 have smaller fuel consumption in casual mode. 2. On test distance (map river 235 m long path from garage to the direction of B130 truck) B 80 consumed 11 L of fuel and K 700 consumed 17 L of fuel. I think fuel consumption of B80 should be smaller due smaller weight and motor size. Thanks
  11. Hi I tried to pull B131 with C 4310 and found bug in rope graphics. As you can see rope is attached to the air. Start of rope is not correct, there is some weird offset. Thanks
  12. Hi I tried to install addon for B80 and it doesn't work correct Grabber on tractor is on the highest position After I selected trailer, then position is under angle few meters above tractor After trailer place (double click), trailer stuck in terrain I hope in the future K 700 will have the same grabber for trailers so please take a look for some fix ... Thanks
  13. @oldman Activate Loader \ crane grappler and Press "R" or "T" I think controls are not ideal. They should use W\S Q\E keys like crane. It is quite difficult to grab woods with tractor B80 .... I think it should be allowed to move tractor forward\backward and control grabber in the same time.
  14. Hi, I found that it is possible to attach winch to the locked truck. I think there are 2 solutions for that 1. do not allow to attach winch to the locked truck. 2. Unlock truck when winch is attached to. Thanks
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