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  1. I checked 1.7 - no changes in physics. Only new items not related to truck and physics was added. Simulation model was not changed. I think the only one guy working on physics was fired.
  2. As we know every update bring tons of new defects. This is gentle reminder to do not lost your mind, when physic will behave like from games before year 2000 and new "efects" like "helicopter efect" - uncontrolled flying of truck 100 meters above terrain, or "explosion effect" - truck will explode stuck in terrain will be delivered with new DLC. Don't break your computer because of spin tires. New DLC is there to test your mental health. Take control of yourself. Train your will.
  3. I see that from legendary downgrade (not upgrade) of game physics. Actually it is caused by gravity anomaly. In mud atoms have too much space between each other and this cause gravity anomaly.
  4. Well known problem. Currently this is caused by elections in USA Will be solved later.
  5. I think this is real simulation. When you attached winch to the other truck, then GPU have to tow this truck and it is not easy job for GPU because such truck have mass about 9T. It is not a bug, it is feature.
  6. That is fine, I have no problem with differential lock. I am complaining about stuck wheel Revolutions per minute on first gear. It is spinning so fast, like 4 gear was set. When 1 gear is set then truck is going speed 3m\s - it is about 1 wheel spin per second. So on the 1 gear both wheels attached to the same axle are rotating maximum at speed 1 wheel revolution per second. So when one wheel is stuck and differential is open, then one wheel stucked in mud should spin by 2 revolutions per second and the other one with zero revolutions per second (this wheel is on tarmac). But when you take
  7. Hi, I see some improvements in 1.6.2 but there are still some issues which keeps game far away from real simulation. First one https://youtu.be/lcjE6G16KWU Here you can see how fast are wheels spinning on the 5 and 4 gear. It looks like motor have 2000 horsepower instead of 300. It looks like simulation from year 2000. https://youtu.be/zOPmFGXn2tU This video demonstrates absence of gearbox. I don't know how torque is transferred to the wheels but I have strong feeling that you just set some power to the wheel and don't care about wheel RPM, differential or engin
  8. @Zane (Oovee) Please create bug topic for 1.6.2 bugs. I see lot of defects are fixed but there is still something to improve I want log as bug.
  9. I have the same opinion. Community is the power of the game, not one developer and one manager. I saw few offers for help to the developer team and all of them was declined because of some "stupid" copyright or another stupid attitude. Manager and dev still haven't realized that they are working for community not for money or for ovee. This is main reason why develop is stuck on bugs, not tuned physic and other stuff come from ignorance of community. Lot of people would like to help, but management just don't care. They are playing on their sandpit and just don't care about player.
  10. The same for me .... Game over.
  11. Is there any information about update? I haven't played ST for 1 month. Are they waiting until all fans stop playing this crap?
  12. The same for me. I bought DLC as well and haven't played it because of unreal physics and bugs. They are waiting until all players will give up waiting and then will release patch and will start to develop features in this times not existing community asked for.
  13. Is there any estimation when 1.6.2 will be available? Playing on 1.6.1 is demotivating.
  14. About redesign of old map. I think there is still problem with saves. You have to migrate old save data or do some hacks here. About mud ... it looks like limitation of chosen polygonal type of physics. I can imagine how realistic will be simulation based on particles ... but it is not easy to implement such thing ... I am not sure currently exists something like that. With current physics model we can only get simulation on the some level of precision. But it needs capturing of real conditions and real behavior .... I mean 1. get the kamaz, K 700, Kraz or so on, 2. go to
  15. I think there is big room for tuning settings. There are lot of people using their settings. Community did big step forward in this direction. And devs\management successfully ignored that. It's a shame. There should be some way how to collect information from valuable members, evaluate and tune settings based on that. That's managers job. Interaction with community is base thing. Lot of people knows how truck behave in reality, they have experience with driving in mud. But DEVs\management do not care about that. They are playing on their own sandpit in different parallel reality. I saw here o
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