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  1. Is there any information about update? I haven't played ST for 1 month. Are they waiting until all fans stop playing this crap?
  2. The same for me. I bought DLC as well and haven't played it because of unreal physics and bugs. They are waiting until all players will give up waiting and then will release patch and will start to develop features in this times not existing community asked for.
  3. Is there any estimation when 1.6.2 will be available? Playing on 1.6.1 is demotivating.
  4. About redesign of old map. I think there is still problem with saves. You have to migrate old save data or do some hacks here. About mud ... it looks like limitation of chosen polygonal type of physics. I can imagine how realistic will be simulation based on particles ... but it is not easy to implement such thing ... I am not sure currently exists something like that. With current physics model we can only get simulation on the some level of precision. But it needs capturing of real conditions and real behavior .... I mean 1. get the kamaz, K 700, Kraz or so on, 2. go to
  5. I think there is big room for tuning settings. There are lot of people using their settings. Community did big step forward in this direction. And devs\management successfully ignored that. It's a shame. There should be some way how to collect information from valuable members, evaluate and tune settings based on that. That's managers job. Interaction with community is base thing. Lot of people knows how truck behave in reality, they have experience with driving in mud. But DEVs\management do not care about that. They are playing on their own sandpit in different parallel reality. I saw here o
  6. This is not solution because old physics had problem with big wheels like E167 has. Right way is listening to players. There on the forum is quite big community of players knowing a lot about real capabilities of truck, but usually I do not see any reaction from dev\managment. Bugs\enhancements reported half year ago are still without reaction. Instead of that devs are working on ""new physics" which is worse than old version. There should be balance between fixing old bugs and creating new "features"(bugs). Last thing is beta testing. I cannot imagine to release any product without beta testi
  7. I just tested it on the hill ... it is even worse In one time only one random pair of wheels is spinning, with diff lock turned of one or two from wheels spin to fast ... like motor have 5000 NM and 1000 kw (at least) From truck description, it is 4WD, so in one time some wheel on each axle should spin. Distribution of weight on wheels looks very weird. With diff locked wheels spin looks fine.
  8. SpinTires original is simulator. It should simulate real world physics and surrounding. D535 weight is ~19 ton We can say on front 2 axles is weight 12 tons. Motor 280 kW 2160 NM \1200 RPM I am not sure you have ever sit in such truck, but moving such heavy truck is not so easy and I can say that it will never spin on tarmac. It is just too heavy and motor is not so powerful to spin such big tires with a lot of grip and loaded with 12 tons. Theoretically yes, it is possible, but in real life ... never. Another thing is that 535 has Hydrodynamic transmission, it is n
  9. Hi, weight distribution is little bit weird on D 535 On proving ground try to add D535 use parking brake and press acceleration (W) Front wheels start to spin on tarmac I think in real life it is not possible to do it. Thanks
  10. Hi , Reverse gear lights are placed too high above truck, because load make shadow on it. On image on the red are shouldn't be any shadow, because wood is above reverse gear lights, not under them. Thanks
  11. Hi , Stand by fuel tank cannot be filled by other truck. It can be filled only in fuel station. It doesn't make sense. If it is on purpose than maybe you can allow to fill it by other truck only in hard\hardcore game mode. Thanks
  12. Hi, I noticed that on new added trucks like B505 B 509 B-431510 etc sidelights are turned on even front lights are not. In fact rear sidelights are ON even user haven't turned ON front lights with H key. As I know front and rear lights are connected together, so H key should turn them ON\OFF together. Currently rear lights are turned off when motor is stop. I do not think it should work such way. There is difference With motor stop With motor running but without front lights 1 bug Side lights are turned on even front lights are not. 2
  13. Hi, Today I found that long name for moded truck is not cut when is longer than available space in UI, and overlaps other UI elements (stars and base truck name). It is mess. Thanks
  14. Hi, I played little bit with B505 and C 256 truck on the proving ground hill. As first I tested B 505 As you can see on image, DIFF LOCK and ALL WHEELS are disengaged One rear wheel start spinning, truck will stay in the middle of hill, rear wheel will stuck in the ground. That is fine. But shaft from the gearbox to the front drive axle is still spinning even 1. No one from both front wheels are spinning (there is no torque sent to the front wheels ) 2. Truck is not moving (only one rear wheel is spinning on the same place) I think there shoul
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