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  1. So ive compiled this handy dandy image of some errors I would encounter frequently towards the better half of creating my previous map. I have a feeling its a distribution density issue. Simply maybe just too much stuff on the screen and the game cant take it? I dont know. The below Errors would pop up one after another, subsequently crashing the editor and would happen when rotating the camera or zooming around. If anyone knows what causes these errors, lets talk about it.
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1705366546 Redone, Revised, Remastered idea I had when I originally created Blackwater Canyon, from the ground up. This is a totally new map for those of you who played the old version back in the day. Steep cliffs, unforgiving terrain, 4x4 trails...some have seen the legendary sasquatch lurking through the woods, keep an eye out, drive safely.... Good Luck I want to throw a special thanks to those that helped me troubleshoot, create and test what it is now. Thanks to: Tattoo [US] Nix_909 Gabeoffroad WrenchinMonkey
  3. Im poking around at replacing the ingame F1 map with an image, does anyone know where the game pulls this image file from?
  4. after some input, i started reworking some areas..heres some before and after
  5. Decided to remake blackwater canyon! as crazy as that sounds
  6. decided to remake blackwater canyon from the ground up, im going to start a video series over the course of its creation. check it out
  7. interesting, i like your level of quality and attention
  8. No, thank you for enjoying it. I wanna point out this project sat around for almost 3 months with no work done. Handed it to moeron cus i got bored, he sat on it for a bit, then after pestering him, he added a few things i suppose. There is also a small section done by Gonzo. Thanks to Serious as well for letting me use some of his 3d models, and of course thanks to bruteterror, SID, serious, arya, moeron, and gonzo for testing and input. You all win the 2015 Blackwater Research and Development, testing and failure award. Boomza
  9. damn you shoulda asked me for the updated mojave map...much much more
  10. hate making waterfalls, but they look cool. wish we could edit a side angle to them so you can see them flowing over a ledge above your vehicle
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