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  1. Thanks for all your comments here - figured I'd post just to confirm that I've read all of the posts here as sometimes I guess it's easy to think that perhaps we haven't seen them. A couple of things I can confirm are happening at some point. Workshop mod support. Improvements to the editor (easier to use, more function, etc). Complete rewrite of the mud physics systems (this then allow us to; have mud physics change when wet from the rain). Snow Tracked vehicles New load types/gameplay modes. I'm considering publishing a roadmap for 2020 when I've finished it, but not sure that's going to help or hinder.
  2. Howdy, We do plan to incorporate "workshop map" support, but the editor needs a fair amount of work done to it before we get to that position. We're hiring another programmer this year dedicated to just the editor, so this dream should come to fruition.
  3. Hello, Please be advised that during the month of January, we will be switching web servers and whilst this should go mostly unnoticed, there will be points in time whereby we will need to close the forum whilst we are transferring the data to the new server. We are not accepting new files to the downloads section for now. Once complete, this will allow us to upgrade the forum software to the latest version which it's much faster and less problematic. Thanks,
  4. AUTOMATED MESSAGE: We are glad to see that your problem has been resolved. This topic is now closing.
  5. AUTOMATED MESSAGE: We are glad to see that your problem has been resolved. This topic is now closing.
  6. I have Nvidia here. We are looking into both major issues (stuttering and disappearing ground) with difficulties reproducing both. I once had the disappearing ground issue, but not since. We can only apologise and hope that you all could possibly help us with reproducing the issues by explaining to us any steps you did prior to the issues happening, any settings you are using, PC configurations, what size shoe you have, etc. Thank you.
  7. We are always looking into problems, fixing things, or improving things. The stuttering we cannot reproduce, so it’s making it hard to identify the problem. I personally don’t have internet at home right now so I’m unable to do any mini updates. I have an engineer looking to reconnect my home on Friday so I’ll be able to do some mini updates after that.
  8. It's not going to go above 60FPS unless your monitor refresh rate is set to something higher, such as 75Hz, 144Hz, etc.
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