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  2. Hello, You'll need to visit https://forums.focus-home.com/category/160/mudrunner-technical-support for support on Mudrunner.
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  4. Thank you, I've merged this with our Git repo and will be pushed with next update.
  5. Thanks, we addressed two major issues fairly quickly - we are looking into the others.
  6. v 1.5.1 has now been pushed to Steam. Improvements - B-80 more exhaust smoke. - B-80 front/rear suspension tweaks. - Tweaks to steering speeds across all VP DLC vehicles. Fixes - Fixed collision boxes of remote vehicles not always following trucks in MP and violently flailing around. - Fixed game not starting with VP DLC installed. - Fixed missing tail lamp textures on trailer 817 tent. - Fixed large flare sizes at night. - Fixed trailers spawning in ground. - Fixed 431510 roof marker lights not being properly rooted to parent frame. - Repackaged DLC .zip files to store rather than compress to prevent long loading times and stutters.
  7. Dear off-roaders, It gives us great pleasure to announce that we have collaborated with SHERP to bring you an officially licensed DLC for Spintires arriving in July. SHERP is a manufacturing company of the unique SHERP all-terrain vehicles with impressive functionality. SHERP's are reliable and low-maintenance vehicles created to work in extreme operational conditions. Geologists, oil workers, fishers, hunters, thrill-seekers and discoverers have already been using these all-terrain vehicles for work and overcoming the wild. Unique features: Its max. speed is 40 km/h; it climbs over obstacles as high as 1 meter and a gradient up to 35 degrees; it easily overcomes stone fields, sand, mud, fallen trees, it moves on the ice and in the water; it floats and gets out of the water onto the ice. SHERP is the result of 20 years of ATV construction experience: the best components, reliable solutions and real operating experience in challenging terrains. The SHERP "Ural Challenge" DLC for Spintires will feature the SHERP 4x4 ATV and SHERP the ARK 10x10 ATV. It will also include a highly detailed map closely inspired by Yugyd Va National Park in the Ural Mountains area, offering the perfect environment for these incredible machines. To portray the SHERP ATVs abilities in Spintires as best we can, we've added a bunch of new functionalities to the game, including amphibious vehicle support but stay tuned over the coming weeks to learn more about this DLC and what it contains!
  8. There are a lot of things I feel are important and this is one of them but we are a small team and this is a business. Commercially, what does the business gain from rewriting the entire mud system? If it gets changed, it’ll be because of a requirement in a DLC. An upcoming DLC has already required there to be some “alternative solutions” for wheel interactions. Regardless, as and when, we do make small improvements here and there anyway. The biggest issue is Havok Physics but we can’t change that because it’s completely intertwined in the entire game engine code.
  9. Hello comrades, Before I go into the nitty-gritty details of the v1.5.0 update, I'd like to announce that the free Vehicle Pack DLC is now available on Steam! It contains a bunch of trucks and for the first time in Spintires officially, a tractor! So let's go into a bit more detail about each vehicle: C-509 This truck was built primarily for one purpose, and that's to haul massive logs or trailers. Surprisingly, despite the fact it only a four-wheeler, it's a capable truck, likely down to the fact it has AWD, lifted suspension and it's sharing the same diesel powerplant found in the C-4320. B-500 The little sister of the C-509 you could say. Suited for more civilized terrain, but still capable offroad nonetheless, especially when equipt with offroad tires on the rear. This truck has more attachments available than its bigger sister, so with it, you can unlock garages or offer repair points to your comrades etc. B-431510 Its title is a bit of a mouthful, but you guessed it, it shares its roots with the B-130. That said, don't let that fool you into thinking that it's going to get stuck in every rut. With its extended chassis, it's able to creep across the landscape with ease. B-80 It's like the "Little engine that could", well, could almost. It's only RWD, so don't expect miracles from her offroad. That said, it has a bunch of attachments including a front loader that you can use to load up the farm trailer that also included in this pack. Also, in the pack, you'll find three new trailer types! V1.5.0 Update Together with the Vehicle Pack, we have also pushed out the v1.5.0 update. The significant change in this update is the ability to save multiplayer progress so you and your fellow comrades can pick up where you left off! It is also now possible to unlock vehicles on the map for other players, meaning even if you didn't unlock a particular truck on the map, another player can go get it for you and then you can then jump into that vehicle regardless (teamwork)! Additionally; work on improving the appearance of Spintires was done with the goal of providing more vibrant, true-to-life colours! Hopefully, you'll agree that the game looks much better now. Stick around next week for a special DLC announcement! Changelog: Added / New - Multiplayer game saving ability. See notes below. - In multiplayer, players can unlock vehicles for other players. - Button to kick players off an MP lobby. - New truck selection menu, with searchbox, alphabetical sorting, and interactive preview (with right click drag). - Support for non-latin characters in MP lobby chat. - Forward kinematics bones (allow bones not linked to physics to be driven by user input). Improvements / Adjustments - MP trucks revert to ghost state less often. - Removed MP truck underglow. - Added scrollbar on map selection menu. - Removed the ingame workshop browser. - Improved LUT/Media.xml configurations for brighter graphics and vibrant colours. - Sort garage list alphabetically (with trailers at the bottom of the list regardless). Fixes - Fixed a crash when joining an MP lobby that uses a map that is not installed. It is no longer possible to join such lobbies. - Fixed non-stop suspension creaks when suspension travel is 0. - Fixed handbrake dragging sound that was triggered by wheels not even connected to a handbrake. - Fixed game compass still visible under minimap overlay. - Fixed various random crashes happening during physics interactions. - Fixed brightness & contrast calibration tools. Notes - Each member of a multiplayer game has its own save. - Resuming a game does not require all members from the previous session to be present. - All members present when resuming a game need to have their save. - Starting or joining another multiplayer game will overwrite your multiplayer save for that map, and you will not be able to join players resuming from the save you just lost. - Starting new games in singleplayer will not affect multiplayer saves.
  10. Thank you for your report.
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