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  1. Neither one nor the other. Basically KamAZ 5420, without any trailers, for short distances, about 100 kilometers, from the railway into the depths of the forest. The cargo is mainly concrete and metal structures. So it has little to do with the game.
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  2. That's how AWD works in this game (or used to prior to 1.6.0) and IRL as well. There's also 4WD which comes on automatically as needed. There's where the transfer case locks up to connect all axles. I think diff lock only applies to individual axles as that's where the differentials are.
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  3. I've now adjusted 1.6.1 to my preferences. I've dropped PushResistance to 0.36 and at that value the wheels stopped shaking almost completely. They'll juuuuust barely vibrate if you manage to stop and rest one of your front wheels on a mud chunk. I've also noticed that the mud will push trucks backwards a little bit, combined with the high PushResistance this caused wheels to spin backwards. So I've decreased LinResistance to 0.45. As a personal preference I've also increased SubstanceFriction back to 2.8. I've just finished one incredibly muddy map with those settings and without difflock an
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