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  3. Store page is now live, please add it to your wishlist! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1346090
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  5. Hi, I played little bit with B505 and C 256 truck on the proving ground hill. As first I tested B 505 As you can see on image, DIFF LOCK and ALL WHEELS are disengaged One rear wheel start spinning, truck will stay in the middle of hill, rear wheel will stuck in the ground. That is fine. But shaft from the gearbox to the front drive axle is still spinning even 1. No one from both front wheels are spinning (there is no torque sent to the front wheels ) 2. Truck is not moving (only one rear wheel is spinning on the same place) I think there should be some check for such scenario ... because front wheel shaft should spin only when All wheels is engaged or when all wheels is disengaged but front wheels are spinning. Ideally when front ALL WHEELS is disengaged, computation of spin speed rear shaft should be done based on front wheels spin. Thanks
  6. Hi, In some update there was changed minimum height above terrain for Side camera. There was added some offset or something like that. With orbital camera I can achieve this view As you can see on image player can see what is under chassis. camera is something about 1 m above terrain (approximately). But the minimum height for side camera is something about 3 metres. It is so annoying. All the time in game I move muse down to see how drive truck, but side camera is still so high above terrain. Thanks
  7. Hi, I found that on some places there is missing collision on truck. As you can see collision with another truck is ok, but there is missing collision with lodge. There chassis is twisted and fuel tank is penetrating through platform. BTW this trucks are really great! Thanks
  8. And again ... this is very easy to reproduce. After I disconnected from multiplayer and continue singleplayer save, then multiplayer server ghost is still present
  9. Hi, I had some save on Hill map. I wanted to play multiplayer. Unfortunately only one multiplayer game server was online with HILL map, so I tried connect to it. Server start the game but in loading time it says that server map is different than my actual HILL map. Connecting to the server failed. No another game server was there so I wanted to return back to the my single player save on HILL map. But my old save was overwritten by not compatible server map. Instead of some delivered logs, opened garage and one truck on the way to saw mill, new overwritten save has 3 moded trucks in start position in garage. All my previous save was overwritten by multiplayer game save, which I haven't connected or played (because of not compatible moded map on multiplayer save). I think there should be condition, that local save can be overwritten only when player successfully connected to the multiplayer game. Thanks
  10. So I was carrying medium logs on D-535 on flood, I drove over a stick and it detached and pulled away my trailer. However, the load remained intact. So I successfully scraped the dirt with logs to the objective I mean, it shouldn't be like that, right?
  11. 1.5.1 did the trick. Had a perfect map multi today.
  12. Get on plains, casual. Choose to start with D-535, drive to the kiosk, don't load up yet. Rebind F1, V, Spacebar and S keys. All 4 of those will trigger a brake or a parking break = no chievo. Then you can no rush deliver it to the objective and you should be good.
  13. This might have been posted already, but is there any news about it? We managed to replicate it on any map with any trucks in multiplayer. The player who gets refueled crashes. Even I as a host crash when I get refueled. Repair points however are working without problem.
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  15. I once had the same thing. Just deleted the game and installed again.
  16. Do you have something more installed like spintire plus, maps or vehicle ?
  17. Hi, I tried to connect to the server in multiplayer mode. Server was created with map RIVER. After I was connected, I played little bit and disconnected from multiplayer, because some players were disconnected as well. Then I tried to create single player HILL map. But as you can see on image, even I created new single player game (local) there is still present icon from previous multiplayer game. When I tried to return to the main menu and load new game again ... server phantom was still present. After I exit the the application (killed spintires.exe), start it again, loaded HILL saved single player map, then phantom disappeared. Thanks
  18. If a player in multiplayer has a trailer, then I see that the trailer mostly behaves abnormally, this is a synchronization problem, I understand, the trailer just teleports behind the player, no smoothness of movement
  19. Hello. Problem: My spintires Game is crashing at every startup after the last update. I start the game from desktop spintires icon. Efter a few minutes, i se a brief flash from what looks like a white screen. Then the black loading screen comes up with your game info in the bottom middle. Now the game should be loading if i am not mistaken. After 4-5 seconds a small white/grey window comes up saying:" Ooops Spintires crashed" I have all DLC installed in Spintires. For Info. I have Mudrunner too, with all DLC installd, Mudrunner works perfectly I hope you can help with this problem since spintires and mudrunner are my favorite games and play it alot
  20. If I leave c509 with a long cart packed, go to another (distant) truck and then go back.. the cart launches into the air and lands on the roof, damaging the truck and sometimes flipping it. I think it happens in 1.5.1 only, I don't remember issues with the cart in 1.5.0. My guess the problem is in "c509_trailer_cart.xml", line 56: <Constraint InitialFree="true" Name="CartArm" Position="181" /> "trailer_kraz_cart.xml" has the "Position" set to 171. Changing it seems to solve the issue.
  21. @Localhost (Oovee) Thanks for still working on ST+ @Sebastian2137 can we help you in any way???
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  23. Hello, You'll need to visit https://forums.focus-home.com/category/160/mudrunner-technical-support for support on Mudrunner.
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