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  3. Then a locked truck should not be able to start his engine by winching on it, that's the fix I would see.
  4. On the "canyons" there is no D-535. I've already tried everything: manual and automatic gearbox, arcade and simulator, single mode and multiplayer. I could not get this achievement on any map where there is D-535.
  5. I think it was Canyons map. Try to use manual gearbox, first gear all the time.
  6. Last week
  7. Spintires Plus v13 has been released. This is a compatibility update with game v1.5.1. Other notes: AlternateTruckMenu has been removed, which means SelectStartupAddons is no longer usable. As I said earlier, sorry, I don't have the strength to rewrite this for the new truck menu. AlternateMapMenu has been removed, since v1.5.0 finally added a scrollbar to the map menu making this feature no longer vital. The above 2 mean that ST+ no longer has custom menus, thus AntTweakBar is no longer needed. That's why there is no AntTweakBar.dll anymore. HavokBufferSize has been removed, if the absence of this option causes crashes then it's an issue with the game and should thus be fixed in the base game. Plus it's a lot easier to fix in the base game than from ST+. TrailerLoadFix has been removed, since the base game now allows to load unaligned full trailers.
  8. When was the achievement received? A week ago? Month? Year? Five years?
  9. From Log kiosk to the lumber mill.
  10. i love the new trucks from the DLC
  11. @Zane (Oovee) I really like the idea of this DLC. Because I really into this type of vehicle and it gives some more variety. Also the new map looks quite nice. Love the detail you put in. will the sherp also float in water? What I also like on the latest DLC‘s is that the trucks now have unique addons. This should be done also for the existing trucks. Makes them more unique. but please don’t forget that the terrain physics needs a overhaul. Different friction values for different ground types (not only mud and tarmac). Road tires perform better In mud which they shouldn’t.
  12. I also don’t see the problem here. It’s not a bug that makes the game not playable. Easy fix - don’t use locked truck near you as a winching point! Devs should look in game breaking bugs at first!
  13. Yes, "locked" truck will start and will move in your direction when you pres F.
  14. I am not sure how you tried to achieve this achievement ... but for me works changing key for the breaks to some unusual for example "P" key. So even when you accidentally press "S" then nothing happens. With this technique I did it with D 535.
  15. When you use a winch, does the truck start?
  16. Hello. Where can I get PS4 support for Mudrunner regarding adding a steering wheel controller? All I see is "steering wheel:available" Thanks i advance
  17. When will the achievement "bull" to fix? Description in steam: "Load long logs onto the Type D-537 truck and drive to an objective location without using the brakes" Description in game: "Load long logs onto the Type D-535 truck and drive to an objective location without using the brakes" D-537 is absent in the game, and with D-535 achievement is not given. How to get it?
  18. Sometimes when I'm playing on any map, the screen will go black for a second and then slowly fade back to normal, but i can still see part of the hud with my name, and also in some of the DLC maps (canyons and chernobyl), whenever I turn the camera, the game stutters. How can I fix this?
  19. Multiple strings for different languages are too long for their UI boxes. May I suggest: a) abbreviating them and having a strict character limit for new strings (which could take lots of time), or b) coding the UI such that it automatically extends based on the length of the inputted string (which would be more flexible)
  20. Thank you, I've merged this with our Git repo and will be pushed with next update.
  21. Thank you kindly! If I will happen to stumble upon some more problems, I will let know on the spot.
  22. Thanks, we addressed two major issues fairly quickly - we are looking into the others.
  23. Hi, thank you Oovee and keep up the good work :))
  24. The same issues as in 1.5.0. No rocks, no russian... Thanks for update.
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