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  2. I now doubt the situation has anything to do with truck copyright or a possible virus in the exe (probably a false positive) but everything to do with the aforementioned battle between Oovee and Saber. There has been an update at the US Trademark and Patent Office. Oovee's motion against Saber is now suspended, and there's a pending decision at the London Court of International Arbitration that will decide who owns what and who gets paid what. My guess is that ST will either come back as an Oovee product or disappear indefinitely as Saber-owned intellectual property, since Saber has no reas
  3. Hiya.

    I haven't played Spintires for quite some time.

    I tend to beat to death one game at a time, then give it a rest and move on to something else.

    This Forum is mostly dead. Steam is a joke, so if I get the urge to play in the mud again, I might take a look at Discord, so thanks for the invite.


    1. Truckwolf


      Ah, I see. I’ll miss chatting with you. When you come back, you know where to find me.

      Goodbye for now, friend! Salute!

  4. Found still missing strings: strings_RU_1.7.1.Media.VehiclePack01.China.DLC.rar
  5. I understand. This was more for Truckwolf who was acting like Zane is still developing the game. I also have some things in mind that I wish were fixed, but given what's happened I feel there's no point in posting about it.
  6. I have the same proposal for the future of the game. I opened this thread to share a fix for those who will still play, than with the hope that this will be fixed.
  7. @TruckwolfIs the game even alive anymore? It's been gone from Steam for almost 2 months with no word from Zane. I think this time the game may really be dead, in which case it's pointless to report bugs. I even tried to reach out to Zane, no reply. It seems that the game is dead and Zane has moved on to other things, since there's no more money to be made from ST.
  8. Remind him about the Russian translation too. He will probably hear you. I'm already tired.
  9. @oldman777 Aaaahhh, I see what the problem is - trailer_kraz_cart requires “kraz_markers” and ural_cart requires “ural_crane_support” (both of which D-535 cannot install). And that unknown author of yours has really come up with the best solution: duplicate the xml files and create unique “maz_cart” and “trailer_maz_cart” addons for D-535 without the required addons. Brilliant! I reported it on Discord to Zane. Thanks Oldman! p.s. I had the markers removed so I thought that it was fixed, I asked PL about it and he also said that everything works fine, but he also has outdate
  10. Dang it, you're right, the crane platform is still bugged. In 1.7.0 I noticed that it wouldn't auto load neither medium logs, nor long logs. Now in 1.7.1 the long logs and the medium logs on the logger platform have been fixed, but the medium logs for the crane platform still wouldn't auto load. I'll repost it in the bugs channel on Discord. You don't have to play to be on Discord, we can chat, look at pretty screenshots, post some interesting youtube videos, there's alway something new everyday.
  11. It doesn't fixed for me in 1.7.1. And thanks for the invitation, but I hardly play now.
  12. That bug was present in 1.7.0 and has been fixed in 1.7.1. @oldman777Come to Discord, it’s much livelier there! @Trackrod_ST You too, mistah! Forum’s notifications have stopped working, I’ve sent you a PM 30 days ago inviting you to Discord and you still haven’t looked at it! Get your butts over to Discord you two! Chop-chop!
  13. - Unavailable autoload long logs (in autoload area show "Current truck cant carry this load" even it installed necessary equipment). - Unavailable autoload medium logs with installed equipment "Crane" and "Medium Log Cart" (in autoload area show that you need install other equipment). Install fix: copy all Media folder content to Media folder in game folder. The author of this fix is unknown. Truck_D-535_autoload_fix.zip
  14. On the proving ground, I also preferred to have hard dirt in this area. I'm guessing Oovee introduced a new surface type (sand that initially looks like hard dirt) and that's what we have here. Fortunately there are still areas with true hard dirt.
  15. Is it possible to make the mud like in the old versions so that the trucks don't sink into it?
  16. @oldman777This part of the proving ground is actually labeled as a sand pit or something like that. So this part is supposed to be sand, in which case the behavior is correct. The problem is that it looks like packed dirt. So I think the solution is to give it a more proper texture, including on other maps if they have the same problem.
  17. Also, the truck sinks out of the blue.
  18. On closer look, the hard dirt where this happens isn't truly hard. It just looks hard before you drive on it. On truly hard dirt, the traction seems OK. So the problem isn't as big as I thought. It may be just a visual issue and map design. Perhaps this easy-to-break dirt should have a slightly different look, especially if it's meant to be sand.
  19. If this game ever returns to Steam (or some other selling platform), this issue would be worth looking into. It's difficult to gain speed on hard dirt and you can hear constant wheel slip even in higher gears where slippage should be minimal because the truck is already moving and the torque is lower in higher gears. It seems that the physics model isn't taking into consideration the acceleration of the truck when calculating slippage. The chance of slippage would be highest when taking off from a stop in 1st gear, but here (in version 1.7.1) it seems just as likely or even more likely once
  20. @Localhost Dear Localhost, I want to ask you about AlternateDifflockDamage, please. I am driving on a hard road, the padlock icons appear and are still white, I hit the handbrake - and I instantly get 500 points of damage? Happens without fail, as soon as I hit the handbrake the damage gets delivered instantly. The effect is more pronounced and AlternateDifflockDamage is terribly brutal on user made maps where the user has made hard surfaces REALLY hard. As soon as I get out of mud the red padlocks appear and even before I can turn difflock off it delivers the damage. It ha
  21. I think Oovee has more copyright vulnerability with the original grills on trucks. Perhaps that's how Saber was able to get at Oovee, if that's what happened.
  22. Because this is just guesswork.
  23. Why OOVEE not do the same? Why is Mudrunner still on sale?
  24. I actually never thought that devs would abandon both game and us. Too much effort, quality contetn and big changes was pumped out lately to ditch it now, in my opinion at least. Being unable to tell anything is possiblility that I personally never thought of, however. Well, time will tell I guess.
  25. @Fairey Gannet You also need to think of the possibility that Zane would like to say something but he can't. That is actually the situation we are in. Anyway, this information should shed some light on what's going on and put to rest the idea that Oovee just decided to abandon the game or ignore the community. I think it's helpful to know.
  26. Well, what Oovee is doing in this matter shouldn't be our concern. Whatever it is happening, we, as players and partly testers, can support our developer by giving ideas, how to improve their product. Giving away this kind of information can bring whole lot of speculation and harmful info clutter, and this is not in our best interest, as well as developers. If this is really the thing, they don't need more troubles right now. I think if @Zane (Oovee) would want us to know stuff, he would tell us here, or on discord. You know, officially. I am also concerned, true, but until top brass won't tel
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