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  2. @Alex Cameron Hello! Can you ask C3dB about K-700, please? Did they make it? Do they have any idea who made it? Out of all known 3d artists whose work made it into Spintires only Павел Аксенов (Pavaks) has a K-700 model, but that's probably the Mudrunner one (LINK)
  3. Никакой определённой инфы, просто моё предположение. Игра из продажи исчезла и трактор из игры. Или Паша, или тракторный завод, других версий на ум не приходит.
  4. А откуда информация про то, что модель лично от Паши? Да и вообще, на сколько я понимаю, у него не осталось никаких прав на модели в спинке, именно поэтому почти всё, что есть в клоне, точно такое же, но либо текстуры переделаны(окружение), либо модели исправлены так, чтобы отличались от оригинальной игры. Зачем делать новую модель с нуля, когда можно ещё 10-20 полигонов накинуть на решетку радиатора?
  5. @BANDERLOGIE welcome to Spintires and oovee.
  6. What a disgusting attitude towards the players. More than a week has passed since the removal of the game from Steam and not a single comment on this from the developer. Why did you delete the game? Where did the K-700 disappear? Will the game be further supported and developed in general?
  7. Last week
  8. If you read the entire Russian translation carefully, you will see a lot of inaccuracies and absurdities. I only translate the newly added strings with the lost translation and also correct the blatant nonsense of machine translation. And what I do, for some reason, is not added to the game for several months. If at least what I do was added to the game on a regular basis, we could talk about something more.
  9. Hello, the word "Always" is "Всегда", it is better to replace the word with the word " Постоянно »
  10. Perhaps the next version will be more fortunate, and the Russian translation will still be added. strings_RU_1.7.1.Media.ChinaDLC.rar
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  12. Spintires Plus v15 has been released. This is a compatibility update with game v1.7.0, plus a couple extras: -AlwaysAllowSpawnLocators: due to a bug, this is already in the game v1.7.0. Feature is thus temporarily removed in ST+ v15, but will come back once the bug is fixed. -BatteryPoweredWinch: in game v1.70, winching costs fuel, however battery-powered winches will not increase fuel consumption. -ExternalMinimap: now uses the same icons as the F1 minimap. now shows all trucks (red=current truck, blue=all others)
  13. Печально всё это, остаётся только ждать! Кстати был проведён розыгрыш на ключ для Spintires® - Китай Приключение DLC https://gleam.io/9loat/spintires-china-adventure-dlc-giveaway?fbclid=IwAR2Jm2TWjYBuNrLUDe8bZ7YK-Q4Zv_LdoFNlpo9EeQp5phbi69hObbWLUJ8 Розыгрыш прошёл, а победетели пока нет, и как теперь будут обстоять дела с этим пока не известно.
  14. @oldman777 Interesting. This DMCA thing can easily be exploited, huh. But that's from 2019, what about now?
  15. Spintires has been removed from the Steam platform by an unverified individual from Russia who has filed a DMCA notice via Valve.
  16. Apparently there're different reasons why a game can be taken off of the Steam Store (LINK) Three of those reasons are more plausible: 1) The developer has taken the game down himself to fix it; 2) a DMCA copyright claim was issued; 3) There's a virus in the game. In regards to the copyright claim from PZ or Saber theories see this thread (LINK) There's a license agreement between Saber and Oovee - so they have no reason to make copyright claims against each other. As for Pavel, he has signed all of his rights to Oovee. There's something else though, Windows' 10 defender and ano
  17. Я думаю Паша настучал что это лично его модель, поэтому возможно игру из стима убрали. Теперь когда Кировец удалён из игры должны скоро её в Стим вернуть.
  18. Spintires® no anymore in Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/263280/Spintires/
  19. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that ST is also down on Steam
  20. @Localhost (Oovee) Hello! Can I bother you yet again with some questions, please? Every mod ever released has the old suspension values - should we update them to the new values? Can a truck have both old and new suspension values in it’s xml file? And if both values are present, will the new values take priority over the old ones? (just like normalised suspension tokens had priority over the default values)
  21. Where did this transport go? Will he come back?
  22. Hello, i'm write from Italy. I have complete the registration right now but i can't download any maps from spintires mod discussion, does anyone know why? Thank's in advance.
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