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  2. Probably never. Oovee would need to get an actual development team in place.
  3. Скорее всего так. Ну или может у них на столько большие планы, что своевремеено ничего не делают с игрой и редактором карт.
  4. When KamAZ drives into the mud, its wheels start to behave chaotic https://vk.com/video205909760_456239688 https://www.facebook.com/100027043355131/videos/715142242730548/
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  6. походу разрабы забили на игру((
  7. Hello it's been twoo months since the bug was reported when you expected to fix it?
  8. I'm using mostly technical manuals from Scribd book club, but here is a good place to start. https://www.russianmilitarytrucks.com/downloads.htm ..
  9. @Alex Cameron I've already explained the rear axle problem, but with regards to the handbrake, this is situated just behind the transfer box on the propshaft. When you brake, it is transfering the wheelspin in the rear, to the front axle as if it had a diff. Don't relate everything to RL. It's a game. One size fits all. ..
  10. @Alex CameronЗдравствуйте! 1). That's the thing we've been discussing. The game doesn't model the transfer case, inter axle differentials, nothing, hence this behaviour. Right now locking the differentials has become pretty much mandatory, it's not optional. 2). This is the result of the new fix that addressed the fact that fuel consumption increased with grip. The higher the friction value in a wheel's xml file the higher the fuel consumption. It doesn't seem like that much of a problem to me, and you're going downhill after all. The fuel consumption is not really 0.0, but it's ve
  11. So. I decided to go deep into the search for problems. Some of them are already known, but I will still document them and throw them here. I am sure that these are not all problems. Here's what I discovered yesterday: 1) Any car, sooner or later, can just stand on a flat surface. The strangeness here is not only that the car does not go on the surface, where, according to the logic, it should go, but also that if you put the car on the handbrake, the front wheels start spinning. I think everyone will agree that the car should go here without blocking, and the wheels should spin all t
  12. @Trackrod_STWhat I meant to say was that Zil-157 needs in the game whatever is has in real life. I've set it's difflocktype to "none" and I assumed that it's realistic the way it is. No locking cross axle differentials, no inter axle differentials - nothing. But apparently that is not the case and whatever it has in real life it now sorely misses in 1.6.x. I hope that this will eventually be put in the game, In a distant brighter future. In 1.5.1 I've climbed the steepest hill on Psix's proving ground with Zil-157KD without diffs, with 3,250 ton kung and with 49,000 motor. How come it
  13. The Zil 157 doesn't need a power divider. It has a 4/6 wheel divider the same as the 131. Only AWD 6x6 need the inter axle locker (power divider). The Zil in 6 WD, is exactly the same as the Ural with inter diff locked. They all have the 2 rear bogies permanantly coupled with 1 propshaft and drive together. This means that if the rear axle is suspended in mid air, you won't lose drive to the middle axle and vice versa. This is where the problem starts. Commercial trucks with double drive bogies, have a power divider between the axles, to prevent excessive wear and fuel consumpti
  14. Oh, come oooon! It's just a 3d model. Pavel too bought the original models from other 3d artists. There's a guy on Steam that actually found the original authors on TurboSquid -> (LINK) Kraz-255 is made by Rambooze. (LINK) "This model I made for the game Spin Tires made by my friend Pavel. "
  15. I was finally convinced that Oovee has nothing to do with game development at all. They are simply looking for where it is cheaper to buy something in order to sell it at a higher price. This has been happening since the Raiworks.
  16. C3DB write that Oovee edit models and textures as they see fit. I'll send you a bit later how the models looked before they were "edited" Oovee.
  17. Thank you for taking the time to share an interesting fact with me! I appreciate it! I am always interested to learn new stuff about the game and the trucks in real life. I have some interesting things to share as well! I've read through E.Konchev's encyclopedia. Here's what I've found: Zis-151 was made in 1944 based on Studebaker US6.U4. The Studebaker had a transfer case with inter axle differential. (раздаточная коробка с межосевым дифференциалом) (Google translate incorrectly translates it to cross axle) cross axle - межколесный (between the wheels) inter axle - межосево
  18. @Truckwolf Interestingly. As you probably know, the Zil 157, was inspired by the American lease lend 2.5 tonner of WW2. Some of those trucks, used by the US Marines, were fitted with rear cross axle auto lockers. These were locked in normal use and unlocked when cornering, completely automatically. These are still sold today as 'Detroit Lockers' and is a similar system used in the 2 rear axles of the Maz 537. ..
  19. Thank you, that's very interesting! Hopefully, this will eventually be simulated in the game. We should ask Zane if he has any plans about it, after 1.6.2 is released, of course.
  20. @Truckwolf No, not me. Those instructions are for the modern Ural/Kamaz trucks, some of which have x axle diffs and are the same form of operation as our game trucks. In real life our older trucks don't have those type of diffs. They are for extreme use only.
  21. @Trackrod_STHello! Are you Silent Hunter on Discord? Perhaps this might interest you, although it seems you already know your differentials quite well. These are the instructions for locking the differntials on Ural's website: (LINK) 1). Diffs should only be locked when the truck is not moving 2). When diffs are locked the truck can only drive straight and the wheels should not be steered left and right 3). When diffs are locked the truck can only go at minimal speed <10km/h 4). When diffs are locked the wheels should not be allowed to spin/slip in the mud 5). Dri
  22. Earlier
  23. @ Eversman Only the 66 and 535/7 have similar drives to our game full diff locks. At the other end of the game scale, no locks, is similar to the AWD, Ural, Kamaz and Audi with unlocked diffs for road use, and useless off road, but with locks, become similar to the first group in 6 WD. The first group, is in between the two systems. The Uaz is similar to my L 200, except that I have the luxury of rear LSD. The 535, has a very interesting system. "Is the game engine able to handle all the different variants?" Are the community able to handle all the dif
  24. @Trackrod_ST wow Your list is very informative. Thanks. I thought the Uaz 469 has at least one lockable X axle. Also striking that many trucks has no X axle difflock. Is the game engine able to handle all the different variants? Even my Audi quattro has a inter axle diff lock and a lockable rear X axle. All manually in two stages. And this is really not a offroad vehicle. 1. Stage: inter axle is locked 2. Stage: inter axle and rear X axle are locked But i could flip it around by just moving two vacuum lines on the switch for more drift fun
  25. This version of spintires ( 1.6.1) is kind of crippled... but if it was working well at the beginning, I suppose it should goes on. Moreover, the fact that the computer has to be rebooted after a crash made me think of a driver issue, but latest release of nvidia driver is 7.10.2020 wich doesn't fit... Maybe you can try from your peripheral mangement to right click and update driver from windows update for major peripherals ( sound, network, graphics, chipset,..) If this doen't help you can also try legacy2 version of spintires ( from BETAS section of steam property for s
  26. There are not any changes except that the game started to crash. It's new computer, I bought it about one month ago. I checked that the graphics drivers are updated and PSU works weel enough. I don't have problems with any other games, even with much "heavier". Moreover, 2 days ago I installed "runasdate" program and run Spintires using it (with the current date and time - not with earlier). It was working fine 2-3 hours and then it started crashing again. I really don't know what it depends on.
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