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  2. Well, it's been like that for a long time. There was a big stuttering issue in the 1.4.x version and it took months to get it acknowledged and fixed. So really, this is nothing new, though the missing logs issue is so critical that I would have expected a hotfix by now, especially since it should be an easy fix (clearly some oversight related to the new DLC). Oovee needs to spend more time making sure things still work even without the new DLC they are releasing. Or how about an open beta for people to test and provide feedback, since clearly Oovee continues to have quality issues with their releases. Many other game companies do that and there's no shame in it. It certainly helps with the quality of the official release.
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  4. All things you guys said is correct... I may add some reasons, why i've got the impression that oovee is dead: Like in the original post: They took their own site down. Even more, they don't even own the DNS name "oovee.co.uk" anymore! You could reserve the DNS name and make a own website on their name... officially & legally. That's nothing a software development house would do. Same for "spintires.com". That's btw. the site linked on steam oldman777 posted above. Ever wanted to host a website? Go for it, "spintires.com" is free and waits for you... Even more… this domain ("oovee.games.com") might not be official. The DNS record is hold by yahoo. From official places (like steam or their non-existing homepage), there's no statement that these forums are maintained by whatever their name is (Oovee Ltd, incorporated, like said on facebook or Oovee game studius like said on wikipedia - they don't even reveal their name!). Besides the website thing... some other reasons: The last DLC is about a vehicle you actually can buy. The whole DLC feels like a advertisement contract with the vehicle manufacturer. They don't did this DLC for us the community, they don't did the DLC to expand the game - they only did it because they got a contract with the vehicle manufacturer to advertise their product (my PERSONAL Impression!). The last updates brought mayor bugs. Depending on what you'll call "mayor" at least 4 (crash on Trailer detach, no saving, horrible new physics, only small logs without DLC). Now after over 1 week, 2 of them are still present without any statement on it. What i'm even more worried is the software quality & release management. This fact simply proofs, that they haven't played the game a single time before they released it. Which supports my point before - they just wanted the update out of the house because of the money and don't really care about the game anymore. Those remaining major bugs get reported daily on steam along with other minor ones - still no official response or statement. So they don't even seem to don't care about the game anymore, but also don't even care about the community. There's only one point speaking for them, that this however it's called company still is alive: https://steamcommunity.com/app/263280/announcements/ They… obviously do something sometimes somehow… If this is a 2-person company then ok - they're not dead. If not, then it feels like seemingly dead.
  5. In 1.5.x there was fuel use when using addons (crane etc) and winching.
  6. Hi since I have Spintires the game has crashed a few times I even lost count of the crashes that the game gives and I only have 44 hours of play, well, today's crash was when I was going to use the advanced options of the truck and I heard it before from the crash the trailer to disengage, I uninstalled the game on Monday and after uninstalling I deleted files and folders that had been left on the PC after uninstallation, well, the game worked more or less well until today to give this crash another thing I want to say is that when me and other players use the advanced options of trucks to use the winch or change the tire pressure or other things sometimes the trailer disengages itself and as I said this problem is not only mine also happens with other players and when disengaging alone trailer becomes a rather annoying problem, please solve this problem ... ... one thing that would be very useful in the game would be the game to autosave, it happened to me twice to be close to finishing a map and crashing and being obliged to start the map again and sometimes I don’t have the patience to start the same maps after so much work spintires_2117156_crash_2020_8_8T8_22_1C0.mdmp
  7. In Steam, the old link "Visit the website" is still. https://store.steampowered.com/app/263280/Spintires/
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  9. That's just the old site, they moved to a new domain (oovee.games) which is where this forum is.
  10. @Truckwolf Thank you mate. Appreciate your fast reply. I will try it with setting HideDriverInCabinView="false". Or try it with v.13. Hope i will find today some time for it. Life is quite bussy these days.
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  12. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, I seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, oh my gosh. I though you were yet to determine if ST+ is causing the issues. Okaay, pheew, got it finally. Wow...that took way too long to diagnose. Okay, so I found the problem. @Localhost (Oovee) Bug report: moving from one truck to another causes "Oops, Spintires crashed" when HideDriverInCabinView="true". ST+ Version: v.13 hotfix 1 (specifically, doesn't happen with v13 whether HideDriverInCabinView is set to true or false) Game version: 1.6.0 @Eversman Sorry friend, I was still using v.13, never bothered with hotfix1, because I never use the hood camera. Just set HideDriverInCabinView="false" and you're all set. (as a good measure also disable what Localhost recommended above SupportSkidSteering and MudSinkingFix)
  13. So I am currently doing the new Ural map on hardcore atm and had a issue where the SHERP 10x10 cab was stuck tilted up, and I think one where it will not tilt at all. There is branches visible inside the model as well. I was climbing the river bank with it when it got stuck at max elevation and made it really difficult to grip uneven slopes as most of the weight was on the 2 axles on either side of the articulated suspension. This issue persisted until I reentered the ATV after using another vehicle. The second issue was after reentering it I was driving to a log station when I noticed that the suspension was not tilting vertically at all, still workable but when I entered water it tilted alarmingly past 45 degrees and took some damage from the water. Adding air made it rotate to the other side and take damage again, steering left and right helped stabilize it in addition to about half tyre pressure. Having driven it a bit more it seems the instability in water is intentional when loaded with logs and with deflated tires, although why this is not the same when loaded with garage parts seems a bit odd. I have also learnt there are controls for tilt, perhaps I caused this unintentionally.
  14. If i find time i will do some more tests. i dont know if i should Post it under bug because ST+ is no official programm from oovee
  15. How can it be dead if ST still gets updates, including very recently? I'm not sure about the original website. I guess it wasn't worth maintaining.
  16. Hi there, http://www.oovee.co.uk/site/spintires is offline? What's going on there? Kind regards, Michel_0
  17. Hello there, general question about bug reports for the staff team: Are you guys aware of what gets reported at your steam communityhub? https://steamcommunity.com/app/263280/discussions/ Is this forum the official report place? How would the steam guys know? I didn't find any ingame message on how to report bugs, neither there is a statement on steam... I think most players don't even know this place? At least i only accidentally found it by browsing old steam discussions. Maybe add any statement like that? Kind regards, Michel_0
  18. Hello there, i hereby reoprt something i definitely see as "bug": Since 1.6 I'm not able anymore to spawn medium or long logs at log kiosks. Only small ones. This already has been discussed & analyzed on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/app/263280/discussions/0/2796124997587482912/ I hope this behaviour will be corrected soon... Kind regards, Michel_0 EDIT: Yes i already did a clean re-install like described here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/263280/discussions/0/620703493336204462/
  19. @Eversman I tried both proving and the new Ural map, not a single crash. Try again on a clean install without mods and ST+ and then report it as a bug. Or just wait for 1.6.1 and 1.6.2 and try again then. If you have the time and patience you could try some things. First have a clean install, then copy level_proving and move it to media and load it as a regular map, not a proving ground Then rename one of the default maps as level_proving and load it as a proving ground. Report your findings in a separate thread in the bugs/issues section of the forum, this is getting long to discuss it here.
  20. @Truckwolf i faced the issue with every truck. but i don´t have the issue on the proving ground map
  21. @Eversman No, can't say that I do. I tested it just now in 1.6.0. Spawned a bunch of trucks and both went to them through the spawn menu and by manually moving over to them through the functions menu. Not a single crash. Any particular truck you're trying to spawn?
  22. I think the new issues will be ironed out, they just need more time. The Sherp DLC needed to make it out in July as was announced and not enough time was given to check all changes. Spintires now theoretically has enough elements to make it challenging and fun and better than MudRunner. Practically, however, if they don't fix these latest issues to bring it to full potential (and in fact it's kinda broken now) I really don't think they'll be able to sell another DLC for it. We all understand that as a business Oovee needs a constant income and thus to sell games and DLC. But with two paid DLCs already and plenty of new features it's time to take a break and polish up the game before committing to more. And indeed, if these things do get fixed, the community may be encouraged to buy yet another DLC (this year) before Spintires 2 eventually comes out. As a parenthesis, it's actually a valid business model to improve and add DLC to an old game instead of releasing a new one every few years. Euro Truck Simulator 2 is proof. That game, launched in 2012 is still alive and well today due to constant updates, many free, but also many paid.
  23. @Truckwolf do you have also the problem when you want to spawn a new truck on a map and you change to the new spawned truck the game crashes?
  24. Whoa! Wait a minute, does this mean that support for tracked vehicles and the fix for the wheelmass bug are now incorporated into the game? And if that's the case what happens with normalised suspension? (suspension fix, the first component of the fix) How are we going to adjust MaxDeformationPressure now?
  25. If you want to be challenged, this the map for you. Great job ActionJackson.
    Hardest map I ever played. 1st time I finished , it took 2 players 9.5 hours, best time on this map is 4.5 hours.
  26. Hello all. I'm having issues with advanced menu. When I activate advanced it will sometimes shut engine off, not show winch points (have to click on change truck to show winch points again), or detaches the connected trailer. I have done the clean install to make sure that was not the issue. Otherwise I really enjoy the new Sherp and the Ural map. I'm not as fond of some of the traction changes that have occurred with the 1.6.1 update. Some older maps and user made maps have become unplayable. I noticed any map with a slightly inclined wooden bridge have zero traction. Thanks in advance, CrashDuckSr System specs: Win 10 64 bit, Asus Z270-P motherboard, I5-7600K CPU, 16GB 3200mhz Corsair Vengance ram, Zotac 1070 8GB gpu spintires_2117156_crash_2020_8_5T22_50_10C0.mdmp
  27. It matters for future use, and even now to some extent, since we finally have proper distinction between highway and offroad tires. Of course there are the newly introduced issues that need to be worked out.
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